✅How to get a high-quality time-lapse on Procreate – Learn the Easiest Method

How to get a high-quality time-lapse on Procreate: Time-Lapsing is a great saviour. You can save your progress and share it with others. However, sometimes you may notice that there is a quality drop.

But once you notice it, it might be too late. And then you are in a zone of no turning back. You do not want that to happen again. Maybe it was for one of your videos! Who knows? You know the best of it.

✅How to get a high-quality time-lapse on Procreate

How to get a high-quality time-lapse on Procreate

If you do not want history to repeat itself, here is a quick way. You can customize your canvas. While you do that, in that custom canvas settings, you will see the Time-Lapse setting. You want to click on that.

From there, you will get a toolbar to adjust your RESOLUTION! By

When you customize your canvas, you get a lot of options to choose from! And Procreate gives you that freedom! Use it as per your wish! You can download Procreate from this link.

This was a quick way but if you want to learn, You want to scroll down!

How can you customize your resolution and improve the high-quality Time-Lapse on Procreate?

Well, before starting that. Here is a quick time for you: –

  • You can fix the resolution and quality of the Time-Lapse only while customizing your canvas. That means only when you use the Custom Canvas Settings. Once the Canvas is created, there is no turning back my friend.

Keep that in mind! Now, you want to know the steps. Follow the following steps: –

  1. Go to your Procreate Gallery.
  2. You should create a new canvas by clicking the plus sign.
  3. After that, you will see a lot of canvas sizes. And also a double square with a plus sign on the top right. Click on that.
  4. This will open the Custom Canvas Settings.
  5. Make your Canvas as per your requirements.
  6. You will find the Time-Lapse Settings there. Click on that and adjust as per your wish.
  7. Then all you have to do is to create that canvas. AND YOU ARE READY TO GO!

But there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

              Make sure your time-lapse feature is on in Procreate

By default, the Procreate time-lapse feature is on. But if you ever disable it, you better activate it.

Maybe you did everything and notice that the time-lapse feature was not open. You are in bad luck. So, if you ever disable it, activate it as soon as possible.

But let’s say you forgot about it. What do you do? How would you know that? It is quite simple. 

When opening the Canvas Custom Setting option for customization, hop over to the time-lapse setting. There are two possibilities: –

  • One, it is the normal interface and you can change it as per your need.
  • Every option is highlighted in blue.

When you can set your time-lapse setting, this means that it is perfectly normal. IT MEANS THAT IT IS ACTIVE!

But if it appears to be blue. Then you know that the “Time-Lapse” feature is disabled in your device and activate it.

Here’s how to do it: –

  1. Go to your iPad settings.
  2. Access to your list of apps.
  3. Scroll to find, “Procreate.”
  4. Check and make sure that, “Disable Time-Lapse” is not on.

Here are some important notes (as a summary): –

  • The quality of the time-lapse video cannot be changed once you have created the canvas.
  • Any video settings that you want are not possible after setting the canvas and start to work.
  • Make sure you activate the “Time-Lapse” feature and set it to default.

              Be careful with your, “Time-Lapse” feature

Yes, it is cool that your process is being recorded to help you in the mere future. But it is not always necessary for me.

This would not be the same case. Take a quick note that the more you use this feature more it will consume your storage.

The quality of the time-lapse varies a lot. But if you go for a 1080p, it would take around 130 MB for a minute.

However, if you are going for a 4K, then it would take around 360 MB for a minute. See the difference! Think of the space it would take!

I would suggest you disable your time-lapse when it is not needed. Or if needed, this is the right time to use your external storage devices at their full capacity!

Making some good time-lapse is all you want, but you need to look after your storage too!

Plus, it is not always storage. It also takes up your juice that is your battery life. This cannot be helped; it only can be reduced.

What you can do is you can charge your iPad while doing your work.

              What is the significance of time-lapsing a video?

They are a lot to say, let us start easy: –

  • To make any reels or any content for your social media page: – everyone likes a quick 15 seconds video for your entire process. I spend 10 to 15 minutes seeing speed-drawing. It is relaxing fun to see at the same time.
  • While your audience is happy with the content you are making, and it makes you happy. Trust me, it is the time you would feel the JOY. Working on what you love and providing value is everything!
  • To make tutorials to help others understand: – again, this genre gives an immense amount of value to others. Take me as an example, I spend a LOT of my time learning.
  • Art is a journey; some are more experienced than others. Sharing your knowledge to help others grow in their unique way.
  • The cool thing about art is that there are NO RULES! I love to see how a group of people are doing the same thing using different methods.
  • Who knows, maybe your DIFFERENT WAY of doing things may inspire others. And they also discover their unique way!

I can go forever speaking about this as people also enjoy wanting to see speed-drawings! Mainly people when they are in a rush! Watching different time-lapses also helps artists to understand that person reached the result.


              Conclusion! What are YOUR final thoughts?

When you think of making time-lapses, there is a huge diversity. You can do anything you want! You can show anything to anyone! Thinking of the possibilities that you can achieve by doing time-lapses is CRAZY!Learn more about Procreate from here.

It is a great way to express your creativeness and show others too! Use the comment section to say your thoughts and opinions on this matter! It helps a lot!


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