✅Where to start learning Procreate🎨?

Procreate is an awesome graphical artwork app used to create stunning detailed paintings. This is an iPad app software which supports only on the latest versions of iPad, beginning from the year 2018. So you want to know from  where to start learning Procreate,am I right?

Where to start learning Procreate?

It is an advanced painting app with which you can create wonders on the screen. You can draw any graphic illustrations, imaginary artworks, photo portraits and many more. This app eases your drawing and also helps you to improve your creativity skills with its magical tools. 

Where to start learning Procreate?

There are many online platforms to teach you how to sketch using Procreate. You can download Procreate for Windows. Some platforms provide paid courses and some provide free courses. You can become well-versed with the techniques by completing the course and additionally, they also give a course completion certificate.

So, I’m going to show you the best free online courses as well as paid courses to learn using Procreate.

Free Procreate class (By Bardot Brush):

The free online classes are conducted by Bardot Brush team. This class teaches you the basics of using Procreate, how to use the essential tools and the features available on the app. This course is very useful, especially for the beginners. The classes can be accessed through YouTube, where the video tutorials are uploaded. This is a free course and no certificate is provided.

Note: Furthermore, these advancements also enable digital arts to transition more easily from concept art into interactive multimedia experiences for everyone to enjoy. So go ahead and use the free procreate eye stamp brushes.

Introduction to Procreate (By Skill-share):

The online classes are conducted by Skill share and the lessons are taken by “Brooke Glaser”. She is highly experienced in creating illustrations. She teaches many beneficial tips and tricks, basics as well as advanced techniques to use the tools & features, how to pick colours and create shades, brushing, layering, organising and even creating timelapse videos of your painting process. Helpful for beginners, the free access is provided for 14-days only. Certification is not provided.

Painting on iPad with Procreate (By Udemy):

This is one of the best online courses to learn Procreate. The lessons are taught by “Brad Colbow” who is a senior professional illustrator and also a graphic designer. The lessons are about everything needed from an entry level knowledge to the advanced level. You completely understand the lessons and can even draw a comic on your own. This course is helpful for Intermediates. This is a paid course without certification.

  • Can you use Procreate on MAC?

Procreate is an iPad app which is used to sketch on the iPad. The main disadvantage is that you cannot access Procreate on either iMac or MacBook. This app can only be used on the latest versions of iPad pro launched from the year 2018. This app is specifically developed and designed by Apple that can be used only on iOS devices like iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. 

As you cannot download and install iOS apps in your MacBook, Procreate cannot be used in it. But, the latest versions of Procreate can be installed and used on MacBook. You can only use Procreate if your device has a good storage capacity (RAM) and an Emulator. Or, you can go for the alternatives of Procreate like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Art Studio Pro, Cornel Painter and many more.

Procreate can be used only on devices with touch operating system. In 2022, Apple also announced that the new & upcoming version of MacBook support to download iOS apps from the Apple store.

  • What devices can you use procreate on?

Procreate is a graphic designing and editing app which was developed by the company “Savage Interactive”. It is an iOS app software which is launched in the year 2011. Available in the Apple store, it can only be downloaded in iPads. Procreate cannot support Windows Operating system or Android users and desktops.

The current updated version of Procreate running on the iOS devices is 5.2.4 and supports iPad OS 14.4 or in the latest. Procreate can be downloaded in the mentioned devices.

iPad Pro:

Starting from 

  • 9.7 – inch iPad Pro
  • 10.5 – inch iPad Pro
  • 11 – inch iPad Pro (1st-3rd generation)
  • 12.9 – inch iPad Pro (1-5 generation)


  • Pad mini-4
  • iPad mini
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • iPhone

You Need to Choose a best Ipad For Procreate app with Updated version so that will perform Wisely.

Currently, Procreate is not supporting any of the latest models of MacBook. Though, Apple made an announcement that the upcoming models of iMacs and MacBook can support to download iOS apps from the Apple store. Until them, you can use Procreate on you own iPad. You can learn more from here. If you want to make sketches on large screen, you have to look for the alternatives of Procreate