✅How to blend on Procreate | Updated Guide 2023

Shelly’s artworks sent viewers into a daze.  Her parents wanted her to be a Doctor. Though she painted in her spare time, her parents thought that she was wasting time. They took away her canvas and paintbrushes. She was sulking in her room. This is when Lily, her friend, came to visit her. She told her the technique to use Procreate to paint. Shelly almost got her life back! She promptly asked Lily: how to blend on Procreate?

One needs to be practised enough to blend beautifully in Procreate. Here are some of the tips to blend beautifully. 

How to blend on Procreate

One brush equals one unique effect.

 The Gouche brush provides a soft blend, whereas the Stucco brush and Bonobo Chalk give a look that is more textured.

Note: Procreate for Windows is the one-stop solution for every graphics designing and digital artistry need.

How to blend on Procreate using selections?

Using the selection tool is very preferable. The active selection allows you to erase, smudge, paint and much more in the selective area. The Freehand selection enables one to choose a portion that requires blending. A large blending brush makes smooth gradients. This provides the added benefit of saving edges.

1. The drag and smudge tools

‘Smudge’ is a very useful tool. Right from blending colors in Procreate to dragging colors around, to painting in a sense, it is omnipotent! Just dragging colors around can help alleviate the mood.

2. Steer clear of mud

The ‘smudge’ sometimes gives your colors a somewhat muddy appearance. To clear the mud, ‘Overlay blending’ is a good option. Here, you will be able to overlay a novel layer set or utilize the overlay brush. If we set up color to pink, orange or red and glaze over muddy areas, your painting will look more attractive. It will also look welcoming to the audience.

When to blend on Procreate?

We should not blend frequently. Blending is appropriate in between the painting process. This is because blending needs a decent base in the first place. This will save time. Time is very important today. In final stage of your painting, blend miniature portions with small brushes. 

1.Keep the colors together!

Colors which are together in terms of value (darkness) and/ or the hue, are more easy to blend. If colors are far away, it is difficult to blend them. If we bring together all hues and values in the painting by painting in between colors, our art becomes simpler to create.

2.Use brushes of different sizes

It depends on the area you want to blend. If you require soft gradients in larger areas, make your brush big. In smaller areas as well as areas with tricky edges, use a smaller brush.

Where to blend?

No one wants his painting to become blurry, smudgy and fuzzy. This is the typical over-blended scene. To avoid this, one needs to take care of the edges of one’s painting. We shouldn’t blend areas that actually need crisp edges. For example, around nostrils.

1. Blend with brushes having less opacity

It is not always necessary to use ‘Smudge’ to blend. A regular brush can also help you blend. For that to happen effectively, set the brush to low opacity or set the opacity to the pen pressure. This will glaze colors over each other.  While glazing, choose mid tone colors for blending colors more. Learn more about how to use procreate Glazed brushes easily.

2. Gaussian blur

Select by using ‘freehand selection’ and then add a small feather to the selection. Apply the Gaussian blur to the selection. This will ensure that merely the region inside your selection would be blurred or blended. There are two options here: blurring the entire layer or just drawing with a pencil. Pencil ensures greater control. Here use the ‘Layer’ option. Its initial setting is 0%. Your finger or pencil should be dragged left and right to decrease or increase the quantity of the Gaussian Blur.

Also, we can try ‘Envato Elements’. Here we can find a huge collection of brushes to select from. 

The Procreate is an amazing tool for creating artwork online. It has many tools for blending colors. One needs to research the question, ‘how to blend on procreate’ thoroughly. Just like art on Canvas, art on Procreate requires artistic skill. Blending provides a beautiful effect to the artwork. An artist is satisfied after blending colors to create magic.