How To Connect PS4 To Laptop Using HDMI Cable? Updated Guide 2023

Playing with PS4 is the most entertaining thing someone could do in their leisure time. Isn’t it? Well, I find it to be the case with me.


Imagine coming home after a hard and long day of work and study and an ample amount of tasks and stress. Oh my God! I want to take my mind off all that silly stuff and relax. What could be better than playing some of the most amazing games with a great story and gameplay?


I am excited. Yes, let’s play. Oh no, wait! But unexpectedly, your TV just broke or stopped working or any other reason that your TV wants a week off. I suppose it is tiring and stressed to display all the time entertaining you and wants some leave to relax. Now what? How will you play the game?


Ahh! Another idea. You saw your laptop lying right in front of you. Now, this makes a better alternative. It has a screen and is not on holiday. Then what’s the wait for now? Let us get started!


Your laptop works well, and you thought well that is enough to run your PS4. You have a PS4 console, a dual shock controller, a device (laptop), and an HDMI cable. Okay, all checked and, now you do the task, connect all these.


Aww! Still, nothing is happening. I am annoyed with all this. And you feel better sleeping in that place.


So, why did that happen? I mean, why did things not go as expected with a laptop? Got something about that in your mind? Well, it is because the High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is unidirectional, meaning it will only take input or output.


Oh, that was it. Hmm, interesting, but I cannot play my game yet!


An HDMI port on a PS4 or laptop generally has an output port. Unless and until you have the one that has a two-way HDMI port, having input and output port, it would not be easier to connect.


But if you do not have it, connecting them will lead you to nothing. And that happened to me just a few moments ago when I tried playing my PS4 console on my laptop.


It is necessary to have a video input with an HDMI input on a laptop to connect the PS4 to it. Now that is a bit technical but let us get to some solution to get your gameplay ready on your laptop screen.



Here is a list of requirements that you require to connect a PS4 console to your laptop using an HDMI cable and enjoy your game.


  • Laptop
  • PS4 console
  • Internet connection
  • S video connecting cable
  • HDMI with Dual functionality
  • Video Capture Card


Now, once you get all these things together, follow these four simple steps mentioned below and get the things going smooth:


  1. Enable File Sharing on PS4. Make sure that the device is connected.
  2. Using a USB connection, you need to connect the video capture card and your laptop. For your video card to work correctly, you will need to install the software that comes with it.
  3. Connect your PS4 to your video capture card with an S video connecting cable. Then, on the PS4, connect HDMI IN to the capture card and HDMI OUT to the PS4.
  4. Open the application that you installed and start your PS4. The software programme will now look for PS4. It will appear on the laptop display. Make sure to run it on full screen to display full resolution.


Now you will be able to play your favourite PS games on your laptop till your TV is taking a week off. Get going! Enjoy!


But before that, you should get an idea about the pros and cons of connecting PS4 to your laptop using an HDMI cable.


Pros And Cons

Let us first go with the pros! And here they are:

  1. It makes it easier to find devices and tools.
  2. It has a fast response and is simple to use.
  3. And for sure it is easily utilisable for most of the laptops.


Now, talking about some cons:

  1. Well, you need to pay for the card. That is an obvious thing to be done.
  2. Those of you who are not used to working with technology will need some time to learn how to use it. So, you need not bother; it is all you will learn with time.



Let me bring it to your notice that utilising a laptop screen for PS4 with HDMI might be rather costly. You require to get the money out of your pocket. However, if you get to know it, I can tell you that it is a better choice in terms of quality.


So, try this new way of playing the game. I am sure you will like it! Do let us know about your experience, and we will love to hear from you!


If you have any queries, please let us know. We will help resolve your issues and help you enjoy your refreshing moment of play.

I hope you found it interesting and handy. Now, it is time to get practical! Oh, I am tired and dull! Let us enjoy ourselves together, with the PS4 consoles connected to the laptop and, do not forget about the HDMI cable!