Here’s How to Fix Corrupted SD Card on Android Without Computer

How to Fix Corrupted SD Card on Android Without Computer: In modern technology advancement are you still using outdated models? Well yes, old is gold pal. We still use the Nokia keypad when we have to travel. And travelling without music is so boring and for that, we require an SD card. 

Well, nowadays not many people use SD cards as the reason is phones with higher storage and advanced mobiles ditching the SD card slot.  

How irritated do you get when your things get corrupted or start malfunctioning? Your file manager keeps sending you bugs and you have no clue about what to do? So I will ask you to stop worrying and get irritated and look at the signs indicated by your phone. 

This article will provide you with the ways to fix an SD card that is corrupted without formatting Or maybe you get to unmount it. 

How to Fix Corrupted SD Card on Android Without Computer

Don’t worry I have got you Covered, This article will help you with how to fix a corrupted SD card without a computer. There are several ways to do that. Let me list it out for you. 

Before that we had some questions you asked which are needed to be answered first. 

Q1.  How to know that your SD card is corrupted? 

First of all, check whether the bug is in your phone due to technical reasons Or in your SD card?  

Let me list out the malfunctions that may happen when your SD card is corrupted 

 All of the options mentioned here, are only useful if the card is “damaged”.Here are some signs that your SD card is damaged: 

  • You are not able to read the files on the SD card. 
  • Your mobile might not interpret your SD card. 
  • Some files or data seems missing  
  • Errors showing your sd card is not inserted properly as you have just put it wrong. Or sometimes it can be pseudo alarm which indicates that something is wrong. 
  • The reading or writing speed has become incredibly inactive or unusable.

It may occur to you that the files are taking long to be transferred and even opening. This shows signs of corruption. 

  • We cannot detect any SD card –

When we insert our SD card incorrectly 

But if  correctly placed and still you wait so long and no signs of any SD card can be cautious. Well this article will help you with restoring it. 

Q2. What are the Data recovery apps?

There are many apps which you can use to recover your data which is accidentally lost or unmounted. The apps or software for the same are 

  • Recuva 
  • Minitool power data recovery 

Inserting SD card onto another Phone 

Sometimes it may happen that your SD card is not compatible with your device and you probably are worried that it’s corrupted. Yes, it is as your device is not able to read it but don’t you worry first of all try to insert it into another device and if still the problem persists try another method listed below. If not then all you have to do is back up your Memory card into another device like a laptop or else’s phone. 

Try inserting it again after you Reboot your phone. It can help you fix the bug. Try not to add files that are bigger in the size and can cover most of the storage and files which can bring viruses. This way your data will be secured. 

Formatting the corrupted SD Card. 

If you come up with a malware attack on your SD card you have tried to fix it with antivirus but still, the results are the same then let me tell you will have to unmount your SD card. But this will delete all your data on your SD card but with the help of a data recovery app you can restore it. This feature is inbuilt already in your android you just need to follow some steps to unmount your SD card. 

All you have to do in the settings option go to the storage menu and tap on the SD card options there will be an unmount shared storage option and then Erase USB storage. The first option is to eject the SD card and when you select this option your data will not be deleted and then you have to reset the data so click on the second option and you will see an option of erase and format. If you don’t want to lose any data, share important information and back it up somewhere. Click the erase and format option and wait until your data is erased. 

Using SD card Repairing solution

The free recovery tools or softwares which will do your work more easily. You will get apps on google store which can probably help you with this. Well you can go to the SD card recovery centre which can do your work easily. But they too may use a PC so before we step out I prefer using a PC myself. 

There is also another method which involves changing the card reader but not in every case 

You can go to a camera where you will receive  the photos and videos but well it doesn’t work everytime. But it could be given a shot. 


Here I have listed some SD card fixing methods to help you remove the malfunctioning.The reasons behind the Corruption. Well PC is a better option. I can help you with those methods too you can comment down if you have any query. Well congratulations that your SD card is fixed and your data is not lost. I hope you liked it and it came In handy to you. Use these methods and if still there is a problem do comment or ping us we would be happily fixing it ASAP. Be safe and healthy. 

Thank you! Signing off for now see you in next article.