How to clear clipboard on Android

How to clear clipboard on Android: Everybody is an amateur in one thing or the other.  As a logomaniac and a bibliophile, I love to read books on my phone sometimes and catch the words What attracts me the most. So I like to save them somewhere to use them in my poems in the future.

clear clipboard on Android

As a writer, I consider it hard to you know rewriting the words you had already written somewhere. So I learned how to copy and paste.

It’s easy in fact super duper easy to copy and paste. But well I can understand you worrying about how will I remove the text that is left in the clipboard?

If you are also a writer like me who doesn’t want someone else to cheat with my work and if somehow I don’t have my own phone and I come up with an idea about something. I like to write it on others phone too so I needed to clear the clipboard before handing the person his/her phone. Its a double risk you know.

How to clear the clipboard on Android

Do you know what a clipboard is?

Ram section that holds all the data of the texts you copied as  you have seen a copy option on the google clipboard. If you have to add text you can directly copy it. In a computer shortcuts are used. Like Ctrl+ P for paste. Ctrl+v for undo and etc

  What is a Clipboard google?

A clipboard google is when you open any link in the chrome and then you tap on the search bar infront of the link there is one share and copy sign of clipboard. That is called a google clipboard.

A google clipboard is different from clipboard online.

Have you heard of CL1P. net also known as the internet clipboard.

When you add any data to the site which have got CL1P. net in the site you can easily copy it again as it would appear if you add this same url in any other phone. Isn’t it amazing?  Internet have got so many facilities even facility like clipboard. You have to be careful with your personal data as you know anybody can access it. Its all based on luck though but still the URL can be easily accessed.

Therere might be people like me, well not anymore, who doesn’t know how to copy and paste.  Let me talk about it first before moving forward to the main topic.

  • Select the text you want to cut or copy by hard pressing it continuously until it turns blue or any other colour based on your android model.

Source of the image – From the writer’s phone.

  • Then select the option of cut and copy that pops up after selecting your text.
  • If you want to rearrange the text select cut it will automatically copy the text too. Or you want to repeat the same line select copy.

Source of the image from the writers phone

  • You can select the whole text too if you want to place the texts somewhere.
  • To paste again long press on your screen and paste option would be there if you do it on a blank space only paste and frequent phases would be there

Source of the image from the writers phone

  • Frequent phrases as the name suggest are quick texts which you can add by yourself and are fed on the clipboard.
  • After you select the paste option the text which was copied recently is pasted.

Main Steps to clear the clipboard.

1.    Go to any app that allows you to copy.

  1. Again press and hold it until it gives two options “paste” and “clipboard“.
  2. All the texts you have ever copied will appear on the clipboard.
  3. Go to the menu option or three dots.
  4. Then a menu will appear to delete or lock a clipboard.

Alternative Methods

  1. In some phones, the keyboard itself has an inbuilt clipboard
  2. Select the clipboard menu from the keyboard
  3. You will see all your copied texts after going to this menu.
  4. Then as you can see the delete option you can delete the selected one you want to delete. Orpin the one you want to be by selecting the left icon.

 Different phone different features.

  • Another way to clear the clipboard is to clear the cache and the data of the app you have copied texts, images and links from.
  • If you are using a stock Android the text that you have copied is automatically deleted whenever you select a new text to copy. In that way, you can copy space and that way your copied text would be deleted.

Some third-party apps would help you to delete your clipboard.

 Clear Cache- Optimize & Clear Junk

This app is most used and a popular one in 2022. This is the most efficient phone cleaner app. And as the name suggest it helps you to clean the junk from your phone. And elicit the cache and helps to manage store in your phone, Improves lags and it helps to identify same photo and clears them automatically. All in one app. And as the cache is cleared the clipboard automatically delete the copied texts. You can change the theme to day and night. It basically works as your phone security.

  • Clipboard Manager-

Do you love to manage your work before hand? Well, let this app make it easier for you. As the name suggests it helps you to manage your clipboard. Additional features involve it helps you keep notes. You can keep thousands of notes and they would be saved in this app. It gives access to all your previously copied texts and allows you to add new notes and texts which you can guide from this app.

  • ClipkeyClipboard keyboard

Do your text bar contain a clipboard as mentioned above. Well I guess no that’s why you are looking for third party Apps. As not everyone’s keyboard has got a clipboard. So this app is providing a keyboard with the feature of inbuild clipboard manager. Whatever you have copied would occur in the history of this app. Make sure that you don’t copy private information for your own safety. You can also add your favorites via this app.

  • Copy to clipboard –

It helps you to copy your text for those who are aged and cannot hold the finger for long. This app will help them and it also have an inbuilt clipboard to You know access the copied text.

  • Google indic keyboard –

Another all in one app for your typing and copying. Well in order to write in different language you should download this app which also has an inbuilt clipboard. With the help of the Transliterion mode you can have access to the output in your native or preferred language.

The outstanding feature of this app is the Hinglish mode which will ease your tension as you can use WhatsApp language and the output would be given in hindi. Long press your spacebar on your keyboard to enable it. You can add different input methods.

It have added the emojis part too. Are you tired of typing or you wanna feel how to write and care about your handwriting. Don’t worry this app have got another amazing feature of handwriting mode which is currently for hindi because the grammatical symbols are tough to add sometimes. So this will add your handwriting to the phone screen and the text would appear.

Here You Can Download Google Indic Keyboard for Pc You need to follow the process as it is.

There are different 3rd party apps you can have a look at the play store.


The bottom line is that it’s a very basic thing everyone should learn to do. In Android, you don’t have to mug up the shortcuts like entering ctrl with some letters. This is way simpler, isn’t it? Well, tell us in the comments section which third party app you liked the most and came in handy as a mobile saver? Signing off for now see you with the next article. I hope this was helpful. For any queries, you can comment it down and we will answer your doubts shortly. Have a great day ahead. And be safe in this pandemic.