✅10 Best Gender Swap♀️♂️ Apps 2022

Best Gender Swap Apps: Have you ever wondered what you will look like if you were a member of the opposite sex? Wouldn’t it be fun to try swapping your look and taking some funny photos? If you agree, then we have prepared a list of gender swap apps that will blow your mind and tickle your funny bones.

Currently, the use of filters is the new trend that is taking over the world. You can easily change your look with a few clicks and voila! You get a fantastic photo with half the work. These filters are being regularly updated and modified according to the way people are using them. Recently, a new series of filters were released that showed people mas a member of their opposite sex. Since then, these have been the rage. Now, let us have a look at those apps we mentioned.

Best Gender Swap Apps

FaceApp (by FaceApp Inc.)

The world saw an explosion in the number of downloads for the FaceApp by FaceApp Inc. when the concept of looking old was introduced. This app has a fantastic rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. You can get amazing selfies in this app as it has multiple flattering filters. You can change your hairstyle or beard in this app. You can swap genders quite easily. You can also determine the best hairstyle and becolour for you using the algorithm in this app. You can also add some makeup to your face in this app. Apart from this, you can also add tattoos to your photos. You can also change the background of the pictures.

Snapchat (by Snap Inc.)

The world-famous Snapchat app by Snap Inc. is one of the most downloaded apps in this list. With over a billion downloads worldwide, the developers work to release new filters every day. You can use the baby filter in this to look like a chubby-faced infant. You can also swap your gender by trying their male and female filters. Apart from this, you can also try out the multiple other filters which add dog-like, cat-like, and other animal-like features to your face. It also has stickers, color filters, and more in the app. To stay ahead of the competition, the developers release new filters daily that are comical and attractive at the same time. You can also make your own filter in the app.

Face Swap (by Vysion Apps)

The Face Swap app by Vysion Apps is a fantastic app. It has a rating of 3.4 stars out of 5 stars. You can swap faces in your photos to make fun and exciting new photos. You can add up to six faces in each photo. You can use the images in the gallery or click one in the app itself. This app is completely free. It has an additional effect known as the Face Bomb, wherein you can add the same face to all the people in the photo. You can also swap faces with a celebrity or from two photos.

Upic Gender Transformation Face Changer (by BUNDAI)

The Upic Gender Transformation Face Changer by BUNDAI has a rating of 3.1 stars out of 5 stars. You could use this app to discover what you would have looked like if you were a member of the opposite sex. There is a set algorithm that modifies your face to morph into one of the opposite genders. You can easily use this app to discover the male and female version of yourself. You can also have fun by pranking your friends and family with this app. You can also add features into your new photo or apply makeup or make modifications depending on your choice. You can also look young or old using this app.

Face Changer Photo Gender Editor (by TDEV Team)

The Face Changer Photo Gender Editor app by TDEV Team is one of the most versatile apps for gender-swapping. This app does not limit your change of appearance to the opposite gender. You can also morph your face to look old, young, creepy, or ugly. You can add hats, hairstyles, eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, glasses, masks, nose, and lips. You can also completely change your hair from long to short to even bald. You can also add emotions to your face in this app. Even better, you can blend two faces into one. There are also options to apply funny effects to the photo.

Face Changer 2 (by Scoompa)

The Face Changer 2 app by Scoompa is an excellent upgrade to the previous Face Changer app by the same developer. It has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars. After the success of the last app, this app was developed with the intention of swapping, morphing, and changing faces. You can click a selfie and begin the process. You can swap faces with friends or even with your favorite characters. You can further morph the heads, add hats and other accessories. The app also features games and quizzes to make it more fun. Oh, you can also add funny facial features in your photos.

Face Blender (by xApps)

The Face Blender app by xApps is an excellent app to use if you are interested in creating hilarious posters of your friends and your self. It has an excellent rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars on the Play Store. With this app, you can blend the selected face into any image. You can choose the image from your gallery or the personal library of the app. You can also click a selfie or photo instantly in the app. The app also allows you to use images from the internet as your base template. You can be whoever you want to be as this app also lets you become an astronaut, president, or an athlete. The face is automatically detected and blended without you needing to cut out any face.

Face Transformation Gender Changer (by BUNDAI)

The Face Transformation Gender Changer app by BUNDAI is a wondrous app. It has a rating of 3.3 stars out of 5 stars. It provides you with an ability to change your face into that of the opposite gender using their predefined algorithm. You can modify the resultant photo by changing the skin texture, eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, and adding makeup. You can also adjust the face to become a funny face using the predefined set of filters and modifiers. You can use the photo to prank your friends and family as the resultant picture is quite convincing.

Cupace (by Picmax)

The Cupace app by Picmax is a cut and paste face photo app. It has a whopping rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 stars. You can easily cut and stick the faces you want to swap. You can cut the face quite accurately thanks to its magnifying tool. You can then paste the face at your desired location and also multiple times. You also have the liberty of adding text and stickers to your photo. The text can be modified according to your liking. You can easily change the font, color, and size. One great feature is that the faces you cut out are stored separately and can be used again. So, you can skip the hassling precision of cutting a face.

Photomontage Collage (by Dreamers)

The Photomontage Collage app by Dreamers allows you to easily swap your face with any other face in the photos you have already clicked. It has a PlayStore rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars. You can also cut and insert your face into famous paintings. Apart from these essential features, you can also create a collage using multiple pictures. You can add text and change its font, size, and color according to your liking. You can also create business cards and greeting cards using the app. It also provides its own set of images through a library. This is available online and does not involve your personal storage.

Final Words

Now that we have told you all about the best gender swap apps, you can quickly try them out and have fun. You can select any one of them and have a go. Be sure to try all before deciding the best one for you. Oh, and lastly, have a blast clicking those fun selfies!