What is Notability – The Ultimate Guide for Apple Users

If you have ever used Microsoft OneNote on Windows, you might have a hint of what we are talking about. That application is used for this purpose exactly. For this reason, it’s also called the digital notebook. Similar to OneNote, we have a different application for Mac users that goes by the name Notability. Now, what is Notability, and how does it serve the purpose on apple devices?

What is Notability

What is Notability?

Notability is an effective tool for taking notes, delivering scanned documents, and organizing activities for our understanding. It allows you to write on the document, i.e., tablets. In fact, it offers many learning and teaching benefits.

You can create animations, record the audio to replay it, and share the notes with the concerned people. It’s popular among teachers teaching in a smart and resourceful way to their students. A stylus would, obviously, make things easier.

So, let’s learn in detail about its features in the next section.


Features of Notability:

  1. It helps you organize your written matter (or notes).

Notability helps in a lot of ways. The first is its purpose of organizing your content. We can create many notes about our tasks, lessons, ideas, etc. But organizing them is tough. Especially when you don’t have a tool like Notability. This tool helps to organize everything into categories.


  1. You can set up a customized page according to your needs.

Notability also offers you a lot of customizing options. These options also extend to the page designs. For instance, you can color the page in different styles, change its textures from small to big grids, and view the content in traditional or seamless viewing options. 


  1. It has a user-friendly aesthetic interface.

An application is nothing without an exemplary user interface. That is what you get with Notability. It has the edge over other applications in this territory. You can navigate to the toolbars without any hassles. It also has an easy learning curve due to its minimalistic design.


  1. Diverse toolbar options.

Notability has an excellent and diverse toolbar offering you a platform to make your most creative ideas a reality. Additionally, you also get many coloring options with the highlighter tool to enhance the aesthetics.


  1. Effective and handy magnifier tool.

It has the best magnifier tool, among others. Notability has improved in the area where others lack. Many people face trouble with zooming in and out of their notes. Working with touchscreen devices such as iPads and iPhones makes you realize that. With Notability, you can easily zoom in and out of your content and make changes without challenges.


Final Words:

So, what is Notability? It’s an excellent tool to serve the purpose of many teachers and professionals. It has many unique features that make it stand out among the rest. Also, it’s a complete package for those who do note-making regularly.