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We all deal with documents in our lives on a day-to-day basis. And mishaps like not editing properly or illegible documents can cause issues. That’s where scanning software like download Camscanner on Mac comes into the light,

CamScanner is the most popular scanning software in its field. And the bulkiness and lack of portability of scanning machines also lend to the widespread use CamScanner on Mac.

Download CamScanner on Mac PC

CamScanner is currently the most trusted scanning software in the market. But trust isn’t its only strong point; it also offers awesome features like high resolution, super-fast digitization, and its famous OCR technology. So you don’t have to look for the right Scanner, just install CamScanner on Mac and start scanning.

CamScanner was developed in 2011 by INTSIG Information Co. in China. Camscanner generates revenue by adopting a freemium model where the basic features are available for free users with ads incorporated. And you can pay to remove ads or buy a premium membership for extra features.

But not everything has been rosy for CamScanner, in 2019, Kaspersky made some claims that ads shown in the app could potentially be used to hack the user’s phone and leave them and their data vulnerable. However, no malware or any such thing was found in CamScanner itself.

This led to CamScanner spending quite some time on improving their advertisement model and ensuring that no malicious hacking happens through their platform.

Download CamScanner on Mac:

We think by now you’d be convinced to download and install CamScanner on your Mac and start digitizing your documents. So without wasting any more time, here are the steps for CamScanner installation on Mac OS.

  • The first step is downloading the ARchon emulator on your Mac device to run CamScanner.
  • Go to this link ARchon and check all of the versions of ARchon and download whatever fits your specifications and needs.
  • Now make sure you’ve downloaded the zip file of ARchon and unzip it using Win-Zip or any other software of your liking.
  • Now open the Chrome browser on your Mac and click on the three dots in the right corner. Select More Tools -> Extensions.
  • Upon selecting that, you’re going to see Developer Options in the corner of the new window; turn that option on.
  • Now select the option of Load Unpacked Extension in this step.
  • Now navigate to the folder where you’ve stored the unzipped file of ARchon and then selecting that, will upload it on its own.
  • Then you’ll have to download the apk of CamScanner, which can be run on an emulator.
  • Now do the same steps of downloading the zip file, unzipping it, and loading the unpacked extension in Chrome, but this time for the apk file of CamScanner.

And just like that, you can now run CamScanner on Mac without worry.

Features for CamScanner on Mac

CamScanner on Mac can offer you several features, but some of its more popular features which make it stand out from its competition are the following.

  • You can get your documents digitized super fast, just click a picture and let CamScanner on Mac do all the work.
  • The scanned documents it produces have crystal clear text and, due to its auto-enhancing technology, it makes them more presentable.
  • OCR technology of CamScanner is also an amazing feature due to its ability to extract text from images.
  • After your documents are scanned, you can share those in both JPEG or PDF format.
  • Advanced tools in CamScanner also lets you add your personalized watermarks or annotate.
  • The search function can find your documents and the text in a document image using OCR.
  • You can sign in to CamScanner on Mac and sync your devices so that your documents are always synced with whatever device you use.

FAQs – CamScanner on Mac:

Now we can understand if you still have some questions and feel they should be answered too. Don’t worry; we ask you to review our FAQ section and see if your doubts have already been resolved.

Can I run CamScanner on my Windows PC?

Sadly you can’t run CamScanner on your Windows PC without an emulator to install it on your PC.

What can you tell me about the safety of this app?

CamScanner was indeed stuck in some safety issues, but its latest version has resolved those issues, and now CamScanner is perfectly fine to use.

Can I run CamScanner on my computer?

You surely can, but as you well know, this app is for smartphones. You would have to use the emulators to run CamScanner on your computer.

With these, we hope that all your queries are answered regarding CamScanner, but if they’re not, don’t hesitate to drop a comment and ask us. We’ll do our best to help you in whatever way we can.

Parting Words

You know how much sharing documents is essential in today’s time, so having a handy scanner with you is a no-brainer. And also, for school and college-related work, students have to submit digital documents almost every week, so having CamScanner on Mac will surely benefit you in your studies.

Though you had to use an emulator for this method to work, we made the process as simple as possible for everyone. So that even if you’re not too tech-savvy, you can easily use CamScanner on a Mac OS device. Finally, now that you’ve downloaded CamScanner on Mac, what are you waiting for? Start digitizing.

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