Download Periscope for Mac [ Updated Guide 2023 ]

Periscope for Mac rises above reality, giving the possibility of quick admittance to anybody in any place. It merges associations (visit), volume (watchers), and versatility (development), opening admittance to new data already unreachable at scale. Periscope is the up-and-coming age of webcam programming that allows you to use your insight to catch action before your mac’s camera, and afterward, save or offer that picture basically and naturally.

It’s a portable application that permits you to make live transmissions. Watchers can bounce during your transmissions and deal with you. They can ask you inquiries. They can remark. They can talk with different watchers. They can tap hearts (like likes on Facebook). It’s an amazing asset that permits you to build a local area or potentially be essential for a local area. Individuals meet up in little gatherings and talk about subjects, thoughts and learn groundbreaking thoughts. Periscope has additionally turned into a new and exceptionally mainstream social promoting instrument. It’s not difficult to use once introduced on your cell as well. While the telecast is the person who is talking during the time on the application, people throughout the planet can impart by drawing in with remarks and offering Periscope hearts. This application must be used on PDAs, yet anybody can watch a telecast’s periscope on the web if they realize the Users name.

Periscope for Mac

Features – Periscope for Mac :

Host a live Help Desk: If an organization has dispatched another item and needs to instruct shoppers on the best way to use it precisely then you can give a live show of your items on Periscope. You can likewise have a live inquiry and answer meeting. 

Emergency Management: Sending out a speedy expression of remorse on Twitter or posting an assertion on your blog can be a decent first move towards recuperating your image’s picture after an occurrence. Anyway, shouldn’t something be said about utilizing periscope to express your genuine thoughts before a live crowd that can react continuously? It’s what might be compared to a public interview. 


Brand Building: Periscope for Mac offers the chance to aid people with associating with your reputation. Individuals love to perceive how things are done in the background. That is the reason a lot of appreciating DVDs and unscripted TV dramas about big names. Whatever gives a brief look into what is happening is seen as intriguing and consideration commendable. 


Live Help Desk: Many organizations use live visits for help yet with periscope you can give live shows and help with settling the issue faced. Rather than disappoint clients by advising them to pursue the manual, you could jump on a 5-minute Periscope stream and walk people through the cycle while permitting them to pose inquiries. File the stream for some time later and proper it to clients who have a similar issue not too far off. 


Get live Feedback: The extraordinary thing about Periscope is that watchers can connect, however, the host eventually controls the stream. This offers you the chance to coördinate the direction of the discussion while allowing watchers the opportunity to pose inquiries and give criticism.


Step by step instructions to record Periscope video on mac:


Step 1) Interface your iPhone to your Mac utilizing a USB link and dispatch the “QuickTime” application on your Mac.

Step 2) At the point when QuickTime opens, click the choice that says “Document” in the menu bar and select “New Movie Recording”. Even though it says film recording, it will assist you with recording Periscope from your iPhone.


Step 3) On the accompanying screen, click the bolt symbol close to the recording button and select your “iPhone” from the rundown. You should now see the screen of your iPhone on your Mac. 


Step 4) Open the Periscope streaming that you need to record on your iPhone. At the point when you are prepared, click on the record button in QuickTime, and it will begin recording. You can tap the stop symbol to stop your Periscope recording.


Instructions to Download Periscope Videos


On the off chance that the transmission you’re hoping to download is your own, there is an authority strategy to do it. When your transfer has finished, every one of your recordings to your record’s Analytics dashboard. 


To download them, head over to the page by tapping your profile picture on the Periscope site. There, drift over the video section you’d prefer to get and tap the blue symbol for mentioning the record. Periscope will require a couple of moments to deal with the solicitation, and once done, you ought to download the transmission by tapping the green catch. 


Tragically, this doesn’t chip away at Periscope’s portable applications. What you can do, nonetheless, is allow the automated setting on the Android and IOS applications. This will so store your transmissions locally on your telephone when they end. You can discover the choice under Account > Settings > automate Broadcast.


For downloading Periscope recordings recorded by different clients, you should use outsider devices. 

Then, on mac, you can visit Get-Video and just glue the video’s location in the pursuit field where it says Enter a Video interface. Hit the blue Search button and if effective, the application will show the clasp’s length, name, and a Download interface for moving its MP4 record. Simply click that catch and you’re good to go. You can play out similar strides on a versatile program for downloading Periscope communicates on your telephone. 

It’s called Scopedown and it works along these lines to get video. You glue the connection, hit the Download Video button, and the Periscope broadcast will before long be saved money on your telephone. In contrast to the GetVideo site, however, Scopedown stores these recordings in the .ts design and not mp4. This implies they will be somewhat bigger.


FAQs – Periscope for Mac

Would I be able to connect my Periscope record to Twitter? 

You can at this point don’t connect a Periscope record to Twitter. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you should make one. 


Would I be able to download a file of my Periscope broadcasts and information? 

Indeed, right now you can demand a duplicate of your Periscope information and download your transmissions. After March 31st you will want to download your information and broadcasts it through Twitter information found in the settings of your Twitter account. 


Will my periscope adherents be moved over to my Twitter Account? 

We don’t naturally move supporters from your Periscope record to your Twitter account. Supporters should physically re-follow you on Twitter.


Does anybody use Periscope? 

Indeed, many people use Periscope to communicate their everyday life exercises as recordings. The stage has a huge amount clients out of many effectively present their recordings on the site.


Wrapping Up

Periscope – Live Video has huge ubiquity with its basic yet practical interface. Periscope is perhaps the most famous application in the market for live video real-time. It has been created by Twitter Inc. With the assistance of the application you do not exclusively can transfer the recordings however can likewise communicate them when required. The successful and noteworthy element of the application for live streaming is perhaps the most grounded reason that made the application famous on the lookout.