Here’s How To Download Clash Royale on Your Mac Os in 2023

If you have been searching for a way to get the Clash Royale app on your mac OS then worry not, for you are at the right place! In a few short and easy steps, you shall be guided to download and install this amazing real-time multiplayer gaming app, filled with interesting fantasy characters from dragons to knights, enchanting spells and the possibility to build an active battle community with other gamers, on your mac OS, for free and in no time whatsoever! So, let’s get started without further ado.

Specifications of Clash Royale App

  1. Size – 133 MB
  2. Latest Update –  10 June 2022
  3. Android Requirement – 4.1 and above
  4. Already installed by over 100 Million people!

Features of Clash Royale App

Clash Royale is an engaging multi-player gaming app with many characters appearing from the famed Clash of Clans game, along with new characters called “The Royales”. Played in real-time with fellow players of the community, which may include your friends and family members as well, the game involves strategizing, brainstorming, and is a great reflex upgradation exercise as well. Snap on as many towers as you can to topple the antagonists and win exciting in-game rewards! A few of its features are: –

  • Individual and team-play access

You can have either 1 vs 1 matches or team up with another player to duel with another pair of players to increase the game’s thrill and competition!


  1. Daily event updates
    New events are added in the game every day, keeping it continuously updated and keeping the player hooked onto the game as well.
  2. Private conquests
    Not just the in-game quests, now you can duel with players in numerous  private conquests and have unique rewards in them!
  3. Community building
    As you meet new players in real-time and go on game quests it gives you the opportunity to build your own battle communities for private quests!
  4. TV Royale Lessons
    Keep an eye on TV Royale and the various battle tactics that it showcases, which can help you develop your own strategies and help you reach victory faster and better!
  5. Clan-based sport
    Work in clans where rewards like cards are shared, and clan chests are discovered which lead to further skill upgrades and glorious treasures!
  6. The Goblin Drill
    This new card joins the Royale World to help you tunnel through to reach your win much faster and ace ahead of other battlers.

How to Download and Install Clash Royales on Your Mac Os?

Now that you know what a meticulous and exciting game Clash Royales truly is and are probably eager to download it and start playing it on your big screen instead of just your much smaller mobile device, it is time we learn how to get it on the Mac OS. 

Firstly, you have to get an emulator, which is a software that will help you get not just Clash Royales but many other apps typically designed for systems other than mac.

The most popular and recommended Emulator is BlueStacks, so it is the only which shall be used in this demonstration. It is absolutely quick, free and safe to download as well. 

Download Bluestacks which can be easily found on its official website Once the setup file is downloaded, launch it to install the emulator on your Mac.

Once installed on your Mac, open it which will lead you to the homepage, where you have to select the “Play Store” icon by double-clicking it.

Play Store has a built-in searching system like many other apps, which you can use to search for “Clash Royales” and find it just like you would find it in the android version of play store. 

Click the icon of Supercell’s Clash Royale which would lead you to the page listing its rating, specifications, reviews and of course the download button.

Click the designated button for downloading it and let it download on your mac. This process would take maybe a few minutes.  

The game, once downloaded, would run from within the Bluestacks window itself, and hence it need not be minimized or closed. 

Enjoy Clash Royale’s strategic and adventurous gameplay on the big screen of your Mac OS!



Below are some of the questions frequently enquired by users who want to understand or troubleshoot parts of the game. The answers are mentioned alongside them.

  • What are the system requirements for ensuring smooth gameplay of Clash Royales?
  1. Clash Royale requires 30 GB disk space and at least 4 GB RAM for smooth gameplay.
  • I have tried increasing the game volume and system volume but I still can’t hear sound, how to fix this problem?
  1. Try uninstalling and then reinstalling the game. If that doesn’t work then possibly the sound driver of your system needs an update or the sound card in your processor has issues.
  • Is Bluestacks the only emulator available?
  1. No. Other than Bluestacks, Nox App Player can also be used.


Clash royally, play joyously!

Downloading Clash Royale on your mac would certainly give you a multitude of recreations and entertainment. Give it a try and leave comments for further queries.