✅How to sync Goodnotes📝 with Google Drive [ Guide 2023 ]

A fear to misplace our notes somewhere, spilling water or coffee on them could mean misplacing them forever? A good alternative to this problem is making digital notes. Digital notes are much harder to lose. 

How to sync Goodnotes with Google Drive

GoodNotes📝 is one such platform where the users can create their digital notes and keep a backup on google drive. The question is how the user can sync the GoodNotes with Google Drive. 

GoodNotes provides multiple options and a secure means to sync notes. With Auto-backup mode turned on, GoodNotes will automatically save a copy of all the work on clouds, Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. 

Synchronizing GoodNotes with Google Drive requires choosing the destination folder i.e. folder the user wants to sync with.

 By default, the setting has been formulated in this way that the destination folder of the backup will be displayed as ‘ GoodNotes’. 

If the user wants to backup their file to a different folder, the user has to type the name of the folder that one requires.

GoodNotes can also create a new folder if required. Certain steps need to be followed to synchronise the GoodNotes with Google Drive:

Before one begins with the synchronization process, one needs to ensure that one has been signed into through one’s account in Google Drive. 

The second step is to open GoogleNotes and select the option available at the bottom right end of the corner of the display screen. 

After clicking on the options, select the Backup All and choose the Google Drive from the list that would be displayed. 

The next step is to click on the upload, to begin with, the backup process. 

By following these steps, the user can synchronise the GoodNotes with Google Drive.  

GoodNotes is an app that comes with various features and backing up the work on Google Drive has never been an issue. Therefore, it is easy for beginners to use it as well.  

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