How to use Notability on your iPad

Here’s how to use Notability on your iPad: Notability is a popular note-making, animation, and design-making application many Apple users use. It’s similar to the OneNote service by Microsoft and has plenty of valuable features.

How to use Notability on your iPad

Yet, the recurring problem is using Notability on their devices for many users. One needs to be aware of the functions and toolsets of this application to use it effectively. 

But we also need to understand its features on Apple devices, especially on iPads. Even though it’s easy to learn, we first need to see how to use Notability on the iPads. So, let’s find out how to do it.

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How to use Notability on iPad?

  1. Writing New Notes:
  • Open Notability and go to the library. Then, click on the writing toolbar.
  • The T icon in the text toolbar to type.
  • Next, you have a pencil icon to write or draw.
  • Then, you have the highlighter icon to highlight things.
  • An eraser icon is used for erasing or removing the content.
  • You can use the lasso tool to make changes to your handwriting.
  • The hand icon helps you scroll up and down the note.
  • Utilizing these features, you can easily make notes on Notability.


  1. Creating notes from Custom templates:
  • In the library section, select the import icon in the corner.
  • Now, tap on Templates and choose the options to customize the template.
  • Choose from the options of customization below:
  • Template Size, which wouldn’t go beyond the optimum parameters.
  • Template Orientation, such as landscape or portrait.
  • Color options for designing templates.
  • Sorting the templates into categories such as primary, education and creative options.

Tap on Create to get a new note with a customized template.

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Final Words:

So, these are the ways you can create notes in Notability. Either you can make a new note in the generic template or with a custom template. With these steps, you can learn how to use Notability on your iPad.