✅How to Limit Steam Download Speed? Throttling Steam Downloads

If Steam is consuming a lot of bandwidth for downloading and updating the games, then it’s the time to throttle it down. Steam consumes a big chunk of bandwidth, which causes interruptions in browsing. If you are watching the YouTube videos, it causes them to degrade to lower quality, cause significant browsing speed reduction and others. Well, it’s not good as you’ll have to face slow internet.

That’s why, it’s essential to limit steam download speed and let it download games at fixed speed. Many people don’t know that it’s possible to throttle steam game download speed. If you are interested in knowing the ways to restrict Steam bandwidth limit, then you are at the right place. In this post, we are listing the ways to restrict the Steam bandwidth and limit steam download speed. With this method, you’ll be abe to enjoy the internet as steam won’t chug down your entire internet bandwidth for downloading the games and updates.

How to Limit Steam Download Speed?

There are a lot of ways you can access steam bandwidth limit settings. With the Steam Download speed limit option, you can reduce the download speed. Also, there are some third-party software programs that allow us to limit steam’s game download speed. Here are the exact ways to reduce Steam game updates download speed to reduce the overall load on the internet.

#1 – First of all, open the Steam client and click on the “Steam” option on the top-left.

#2 – Now, click on “Settings” and this will open the page where you’ll see all the settings.

#3 – In the Settings, Navigate to the “Downloads” tab from the left section and you’ll see a whole lot of options related to the game and updates downloads.

#4 – You’ll see the box with label “Limit Bandwidth To:“. Click on the drop-down menu and you’ll be able to choose the desired speed limits. Click on the desired Steam Bandwidth limit in KB/s or MB/s and then click on “OK” to save the changes

#5 – Now, restart the steam client and you’ll see all your game downloads and the updates will start at the selected download speed limit.

If you are experiencing the sudden internet speed slowdown when you start the PC, then make sure to see if the Steam client is running in the background. If it’s running, then you should disable the Steam client from Startup menu. It’ll be better to stop Steam client from downloading the updates and games right when you start the computer.


Using Third-Party Bandwidth Limiter Apps

The third-party bandwidth limiter apps works very well to reduce the overall consumption. You can use the popular bandwidth limit software for Windows and control Steam downloads bandwidth limit. If you are facing Steam Bandwidth Limit not working issue, then you should definitely use the third-party bandwidth limiter software for windows 10. With the software programs like GlassWire and NetLimiter, you can easily control which app in your computer will consume how much Bandwidth.


Final Words

Obviously, slowing down the Steam’s Bandwidth limit will cause the games and updates to take longer to complete. But, if you have more important work to do than the gaming, then this method will work perfectly fine. If you want to increase the speed back up, then you need to change the speed from the same settings and you’ll be able to increase steam bandwidth limit.