How to add Music to InShot in iPhone

Add some zest to your videos by using InShot. It gives you the creative liberty to mold your videos however you please. Want to add music to your videos? Does it using InShot on your iPhone only, and if you are wondering How to add music to Inshot on iPhone?

Then don’t wonder anymore, this article will help you add music of your choice more accessible to the videos you want, by following some simple steps given below and here’s how to go about it: –

How to add music to Inshot in iPhone 

Step 1 

Set up a music file – First, make a music file consisting of music you want to use; the file format needs to be supported by InShot. If the files are on your PC, send them to your iPhone via email or cloud service and download the songs on your iPhone. 

Step 2 

Download InShot – to use InShot, you first need to download it via App Store. It is easy to install and use after; the installation launches the app.

Step 3

Click on the ‘video’ bubble on the home screen, then go on ‘create new’ by; doing so, you will be onto a new page with editing tools.

Step 4 

Give InShot access to your gallery and camera now, select the video you want, or create a new one and then add it.

Step 5

After adding the video, click on the music icon present on the bottom of the toolbar, then click on tracks.

Step 6 

You will see options like my music and featured if you want to use your music files, choose my music. You can also use music provided by InShot by clicking on featured. 

Step 7 

Now select the track you want and tap on the use button, and the music shall be added to your video.

Step 8 

If you want to make any additional changes like playback speed, or if you’re going to cut it according to the timeline, you can do it as well.

And you are done!

Some other methods 

You can also use the screen recording method to extract audios from YouTube and other platforms, which is also quite simple with just a few things to do 

  • Screen record the audio you want and save it screen recording feature is already present in iPhone.
  • Now go to InShot > click ‘video’ > ‘create new’ > click on ‘music’ > go to ‘tracks’ > then click ‘extract audio from video’ option > choose your recording > tap ‘use’ and done.
  • Make; the necessary changes you want and save them.


in conclusion, adding music to your Instagram videos through iPhone can be made pretty easy with inShot when you know how to add music to Inshot in iPhone? Be it the music of your own choice or provided by InShot, which has been mentioned above, and with some straightforward steps, so, you can go ahead and make the entertaining videos you like.