✅Download Google Indic Keyboard for PC (Windows 7/8/10)

Are you still unaware about how to download the Google Indic keyboard and that too for your PC having windows 7/8/10? Most of them think that this keyboard can only be used on android phones, but it is not like that; in this article, we are here to guide you in downloading it on your PC.

Speaking about the Google Indic keyboard, this keyboard is mainly made up of Indians. 11 Indian languages are present. So by using this software, the users from India will be able to complete their typing work in the local languages of India.

Features of Google Indic Keyboard

Equipped with modern themes: Many new themes are added by google frequently to get a decent experience by utilizing new themes. In addition, the layout and appearance of the keyboard can often be changed by making use of these new themes.


Supports multiple languages: Google Indic is mainly made for the Indians to type in their local languages. About 11 Indian languages are available over here for typing. 


Spell Predict: The keyboard assists the users while typing by suggesting the spellings of different words that they are going to order. This helps the users in avoiding grammatical as well as spelling mistakes. 


Mode of Auto Translation: While typing, the users can type in English, which would get translated into their native language.


Hinglish mode: This mode proves beneficial for people who want to type in the Hindi language by utilizing English words.


Availability of Handwriting mode: By using this mode, the users can write directly by utilizing their mobile screen; this model features only the Hindi language.

Google Indic Keyboard is primarily available on Android phones, but it can also be downloaded on PC by downloading the BlueStacks player. By downloading the BlueStacks player and installing Google Indic keyboards, the user is a secure and quick emulator.

Requirements for downloading and installing Google Indic Keyboard for PC – Windows 7/8/10

  • A version of Windows 7/8/10.
  • The processor of AMD or Intel.
  • RAM of 4 GB.
  • Hard disk space of 5 GB.

Along with this, the users should also take a look if they cannot install the emulator of BlueStacks due to some errors in the drivers. Now let us go through different methods that can be used for downloading the Indic Keyboard for PC- windows 7/8/10.

Installation process by making the use of BlueStacks Player

  1. First of all, the user needs to download BlueStacks player by visiting their official site  https://www.bluestacks.com/.
  2. After completing the successful download of the BlueStacks player, the users have to be up with the installation process of that tool by utilizing the standard guidelines of installing and hold their breath till the process gets completed.
  3. After being up with the installation process of the BlueStacks player, the users will notice that the icon of the BlueStacks player has appeared on their main screen. Then the users need to double click on that emulator to open it.
  4. Afterward, the users have to navigate for the play store app of google play store. However, that app is already available using an emulator, so the users need to double click on it to open it. 
  5. After opening the app, you would be insisted to sign in by utilizing your google account, so you can sign in with the understanding that you have, and then you would be directed to the main screen of the google play store.
  6. Further on, the users have to navigate the Google Indic Keyboard in the search box available and select the app they feel comfortable with and better for the other utilization process.
  7. So for installing the app, the users have to click on the option of install and hence be up with the process of establishing and downloading.
  8. After that, the users can visualize the open button despite seeing the install button over there.
  9. Then by clicking over the open button, the keyboard would be available, and hence the users can utilize it further on. 

This was the first method for the installation of the Google Indic keyboard. This method has mostly seemed like a simple method, but another approach is similar to this method. Still, in this method, instead of making use of the BlueStacks player, the user will face the need to install another emulator.

Installation by making the use of LD player

  1. First of all, the users need to download the LD player by going on the official website https://ldplayer.net/.
  2. Then the users have to install the given emulator by following the general installation processes, and this installation process would be completed quickly. 
  3. After being up with the installation, the user has to double click on the LD player to open it.
  4. Then the user will be insisted to sign it from their Google account, so they need to go in the settings menu and then into account and then click on google to be up with the sign-in process.
  5. After being up with the sign-in process, the user has to go on the main screen and then search for the search tab present on the main page.
  6. Then, later on, the user has to search for the Google Indic keyboard present over the play store and then click on the install button to complete the further process.
  7. You need to wait till all the installation processes get completed successfully.
  8. After being up with the process, the users can start utilizing that app and gear up with their typing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can Google Indic Keyboard be downloaded on PC?

This app is made for utilization on android smartphones. If you want it on your PC, you need to download the app first on the emulator. The emulators that can be used are-

  1. LD player
  2. BlueStacks player.
  3. Nox player. 

2)  How can the user input Indian languages over this app?

This keyboard is mainly made for the Indians since it consists up of 11 native languages of India. So for getting those languages over here, the user has to be up with the installation process of the emulators on their respective PC. Then after completing the downloading process of the app, the user can choose the language as Hindi. 


So this was all regarding the main features, the process of setting up the Google Indic keyboard. We expect that we cleared most of your doubts in our writings. So if you like reading our writings, then do like and share.