✅7 Best Voicemail🎤 Apps for Android

You are probably here to get to know about the best voicemail apps. Are you also one of those people who unintentionally skip important messages, forgets to answer your missed calls all because of your tight work schedule? We have got the list ready with us for you! That is 7 top best voicemail apps. Don’t worry If you are not one of those people but are searching real good voicemail apps for yourselves or to suggest your friends, family anyone, this is the right place to look upon to.

In our generation of young workaholic adults and a busy world, everyone around here is rushing and it’s becoming more and more difficult for all of us to take time out for replying to an important text message or answer important calls especially when they are in a particular situation like in a meeting, at the hospital, etc. Voicemail apps are the answer to all these problems. 

Voicemail applications save calls and voicemails and allow you to search your calls and voicemails from the app. If you are receiving many voicemails a day in that case visual voicemail apps help. Visual voicemail apps change your voicemails into a transcribed version and the user can easily check important messages by reading the content of the calls from the inbox of the app and can remove the rest of unimportant voicemail by its choice. 

Best Voicemail Apps for Android

Here are a few of the best visual voicemail apps we got for you

  1. Google voice
  2. Hullu mail
  3. Insta voice
  4. Voxist
  5. Base
  6. You mail
  7. AT and T

1.Google Voice mail app

Google Voice is a voicemail application offered by Google. It is a communication network designed for various types of business (i.e., small and large both) and personal use.

  • The app allows you to send texts, calls, and voicemails. 
  • The current version of the google voice app now enables to send of voicemail calls on PC and smartphones. 
  • It filters and blocks all spam and unwanted calls automatically for you.
  • It has a call forwarding option that allows you to forward voicemails a call from their google voice number to their main number. 
  • Has a facility of backup which makes it helpful and useful to you as it records and keeps all your calls, messages, voicemail history in it so you can go and check your previous calls when in need.

Ratings- overall rating of 8.4/10 and a 4-star rating.

One of the major flaws of the app is that it can only work in the United States and the user needs to have a G suit account to use the google voice app. 

  1. Hullu Mail visual voicemail app

Hullu Mail is an award-winning app and an application that supports both Android and iOS-based devices, also allows you to search, share and play your voicemails without any barriers. let’s also have a look at its amazing features.

  • It enables personalized custom voicemail greetings. This means you can make separate special customized greetings for separate callers that only they can hear. 
  • Voicemails are transcribed so that you can search and read them without listening.
  • Have unlimited storage and have the ability to store your voicemails for a long period in your mailbox.
  • Unwanted callers can be blocked 
  • If you forget your phone at home you can still check your voicemails online through your email.
  • The feature of Forwarding and sharing voicemails. It also has an option of forwarding unread yet important voicemails automatically to any of your contacts be it, family, client, or spouse.

Hullu Mail has two versions. The Hullu Mail LITE and The Hullu Mail PRO. To make the right choice you must know few important things about both versions of the app. Let’s quickly have dive into their key features.

Hullu Mail LITE:

This version of the app performs basic functions like managing your voicemails, playing, reading, making personalized greetings, turn on notifications for missed calls or your phone is not in reach or coverage, 10 voicemails can be transcribed in one-month up to 30 seconds, unwanted callers can be blocked. The app also has a unique feature of anti-hacking measures.

Hullu Mail PRO

  It comes with an advanced performing function apart from all the stated above, Hullu Mail Pro all the above functions plus it also permits a total of 180 seconds of audio transcription of all unlimited voicemails and stores unlimited voicemails forever. 

Ratings- 3.1 star on Android and 4.1 on App store

You will never get to know fully about the app until and unless you download it and give it a try! So, what are waiting for give this app a shot!

  1. InstaVoice 

Instavoice is a free and unlimited platform for visual voicemails and acts as your answering machine which is available to you 24/7. I’ll not bore you with all this lets us just simply take a long jump from here to what’s most important its features!

  • Makes you aware of the caller of your missed calls when your phone is out of coverage or switched off.
  • Transcripts your voicemails and makes it easy for you to know your message without listening and while traveling anywhere.
  • Multiples phone numbers can be linked to one account and manage all calls for each number.
  • It can store unlimited voicemails and there is also the option to retain your voicemails even after changing your carrier.
  • It has the unique feature of deleting sent voicemail messages.

Rating- 3.2 Star rating

The above were the highlights of the app. InstaVoice is worth trying right? Then go download and give it a shot!

  1. Voxist 

Voxist is an intelligent and free visual voicemail application. All apps are well known through their features! so let’s dive into their features.

  • The transcription of voicemails is available in more than 70 languages 
  • You can impress your clients, friends, relatives using the personalized greeting service. Delight them by Creating special and unique greetings just for them.
  • The app also has the feature of greeting your callers by their name automatically.
  • Can read your voicemails from anywhere through your email. Unlimited email account can be linked to receive audio and text voicemails.
  • The app has unlimited capacity to store voicemails. Voicemails won’t get disappear until you delete them 
  • Push notifications for all the new voicemails you receive on your phone.

You know what! Voxist comes with three subscriptions and all three comes with their additions and subtractions in their features lets us get now a little about them too – 

  • Voxist Free

Limited to only 1 phone number, per month 10 transcriptions allowed, only 1 email account can be connected, can create only 1 personalized greeting and transcription can only be in 1 language.

  •  Voxist Premium- 4.39£ per month

Limited to only 2 phone number, per month 30 transcriptions allowed, 5 email account can be connected, can create 5 personalized greetings and transcription can only be in 2 languages.

Voxist Pro- 8.49£ per month

  • Limited to only 5 phone number, per month 100 transcriptions allowed, unlimited email account can be connected, unlimited personalized greetings can be created and transcription can only be in 100 languages

Ratings- 4.4-star rating

This app comes with quite a lot of good and awesome features! Don’t wait any more download it!

  1. Base

Base visual voicemail app is a company application that allows you to manage and view your voicemail messages. Base visual voicemail app supports only Android devices and can be used only when you are connected with a 2G/3G/4G network or a WIFI network. Let’s quickly jump into the features of this app now!

  • Saves time in handling and listening to your voicemails by allowing you to select messages in the order of your listening choice.
  • Voicemail messages can be deleted
  • Messages can be rewind, paused, forwarded while listening to them.
  • The caller’s name is identified automatically if it’s saved on your mobile phone.
  • You can share and read your messages through your fax mail.
  • The feature to change your voicemail password whenever you want and re-record your greetings is available.

Ratings- 3.2-star rating 

All you need to do is download from the Google store and try it!

  1. YouMail

YouMail is a smart visual voicemail application that allows free voice and text messages. The app supports both Android and iOS devices. Let’s read along with the awesome feature of this awesome app!

  • It protects from all spam and robocalls by blocking them automatically.
  • Any phone number can be blocked by adding that caller number to the personal blacklist.
  • It has high-quality voicemails that can be read through text or emails.
  • Personalized greetings for your loved ones that only they can hear.
  • Stores all voicemails forever.
  • Any important calls or voicemails can be searched from the app or by signing in to your web browser.
  • Voicemails can be shared, forwarded, and replied to through your email, direct voicemail, or SMS.
  • You can Lock the app via phone’s biometric for security.

Rating- 4.4-star rating

The app has got the highest ratings must try it!

  1. AT and T

The AT and T visual voicemail app allow you to manage and access your voicemail calls directly through your mobile phone without accessing your mailbox. Sound interesting right, let’s get to know about it in whole through its features.

  • Messages can be played in the order you choose.
  • Messages can be saved on your mobile phone, SD card, memory card, and in the app.
  • Calls are allowed to be forwarded to your other virtual phone number present in your smartphone.
  • Instant access to your voicemails, messages through the notification feature. All new voicemails will get pop out on your screen.

Rating- 3.1-star rating 

This app is worth trying, Give it a try. Will you?

What’s your choice?

In today’s busy world It becomes so difficult to handle all our official work calls and messages together. Visual Voicemail apps make it easy for you to manage them. So, these were the 7 Best Voicemail apps for Android for you. You’ll never get to know which app is better than others until you download and try to experiment with it. Once you get along with an App, you’ll surely get comfortable and would stick to it for the longest. Comment down and let us know which app you chose and what you liked the best in it?