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The University of Virginia campus was attacked by a gunman around 10:30 Sunday night. It killed three people, and wounded two others. Police arrested Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. the suspect Monday morning after nearly 12 hours of lockdown at Charlottesville campus. According to New York Times, victims were football players who were heading to a lot when the attacker struck.

UVA Shooting

Monday morning, Jim Ryan, president of the university, announced the names, Devin Chandler to Lavel “Tyler”, Davis, and D’Sean Perry at a press conference. Ryan spoke visibly shaken.

Jones appears to be a WVU student football player since 2018, at the latest. He was listed as a freshman that year but never took the field. Police described him during the manhunt to be “armed and hazardous.” Although Jones was arrested at the school, it was removed from school grounds shortly before Jones was found. Monday classes were still cancelled at UVA public schools and local schools.

Students were trapped in the same building as the alarm sounded when it went off. Eva Surovell said that students were “trapped in libraries, university structures, whatever,” and was the editor of The Cavalier Daily. Another student described the campus environment as “terrified.” CNN says that in 2016, there were nearly 600 mass shooters – incidents of violent armed conflict in which at most four people are shot – in the country. Charlottesville is also where the white supremacist Unite the Right 2017 rally took place. A neo-Nazi drove his car into a crowd, killing a woman.

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