Top 8 Electronic Art Games for Android in 2022

The Electronic Arts games for android devices are available with the best realistic and reasonable sound quality with high definition graphics. Electronic Arts games are astonishing to play on PC, like video games. Are you eager to know the Top 8 Electronic Art Games for Android? Check it out here!

The Electronic Arts Games for Android are downloaded from the Google play store on android devices, and numerous EA games accompany the 3D reality graphics and sound quality. There are many android games, yet the EA games are stunning to play, conveying multiple classes of games. 

Here we are going to discuss the best free Electronic Arts Games that can be played on Android. Recorded Electronic Arts Games for Android can be download to your cell phone. Indeed, even numerous Electronic Art games are easily accessible on Windows, Android Phone and iPhones. We have listed Shooter games, RPG Games, Spot Games, and so on, which is the most renowned games for Android, and one can have fun with the best illustrations. 

List of the Electronic Arts Games that made a place in our article:

Mass Effect: Andromeda APEX HQ  3.9 500,000+ 92 MB
Fifa 16 for android 4.2 100,000,000+ 90 MB
Fifa mobile soccer 4.3 100,000,000+ 96 MB
Dungeon keeper 4.1 500,000+ 47 MB
NBA Live Mobile Basketball 4.2 50,000,000+ Varies with device
SimCity BuildIt 4.3 100,000,000+ 147 MB
Among us  3.6 100,000,000+ 125 MB
Downwell  4.6 100,000+ 33 MB

Best Electric Art Games for Android 2022:

The games which we have included here on the list would fill your heart with joy. The games have many energising and super-exciting levels, which make us dependent on Electronic Arts Games. A considerable lot of them are best cross-stage games. So, here are the games which we were talking about: 

Mass Effect: Andromeda APEX HQ:

Here is one more best game from the classifications of RPG and its awesome multiplayer game. On the off chance you begin playing Mass Effect; you will invest much energy in this game. Mass Effect is a friendly game among Android clients. Summit HQ allows you to remain associated outside of the game! Modify your loadout in front of a match, order Strike Team missions, check your details, and that’s just the beginning. Spend focus on making your ideal person load out in a hurry and prepare to hop into a multiplayer match whenever required. 

Top features:

  • You can customise your characters, weapons and even equipment. 
  • You can have a multiplayer match each time. 
  • You can earn gold from the game after fights. 

Fifa 16 for android:

On the off chance that you have an extreme love for playing football match-ups, here we present one of the most fantastic games from the scorer classes. Begin playing with dazzling illustrations and practical sound quality. You will get some responsive controls, more brilliant colleagues, and further developed activities during the gameplay. The intriguing thing about this game is praising the triumphant match or kicking objective. You can make your dream group by earning, exchanging, and moving with Lionel Messi, Jordan Henderson, and Juan Cuadrado. Pick everyday difficulties and hotshot your abilities on the pitch. 

Top features:

  • You can manage your built clan by yourself. 
  • You have the option to show your skilful moves on the pitch. 
  • The graphics are realistic, and the sound quality is HD. 

Fifa mobile soccer:

We can play football with stunning control boards on screen and continue to cheer your number one group. Begin playing FIFA Mobile Soccer in 30 associations with 650 open groups and 17,000 genuine players. Deal with your group, assemble it as you need, and show the force of your group on the field. You can participate in the live occasions day by day with the new players and play to show your capacities in the area. Assuming you need to show your solidarity across the globe, then join the associations and test your expertise. 

Top features:

  • You can participate in the leagues and live events. 
  • You can play with international players globally. 
  • Select the best team for building it your way. 

Dungeon keeper:

The other Best RPG game from Electronic Art Games with new stories and occasions is here just for you. The most incredible things in this game are the astonishing characters and their various kinds of powers. The primary guideline for this game is ‘It’s nice to be awful in Dungeon Keeper’. Make your base and prepare for the battle without fail. The astounding thing in this game is that you can keep a particular ringtone of the Dungeon Keeper game, which will surely set the mood to keep your eyes on the game with total concentration. Prison Keeper is a tower safeguard game, and those who cherish these genres indeed download it. 

Top features:

  • You can build underground passages. 
  • Turn the enemies into chickens by defeating and burning them. 
  • You have the option to summon the mortal and deadly force. 

NBA Live Mobile Basketball:

NBA Live Mobile Basketball is a genuine sport-based and realistic Basketball match-up accessible for both Android and iOS. Numerous customised designs and beautiful elements accompany this game and the best audio quality to enjoy the gaming experience. Your job as a games individual is to play your games with your opponent groups. What’s more, dominate the match. Make your group and play in this game by making brilliant moves. Surely download this game; it’s astounding. 

Top features:

  • You can create your basketball team by yourself. 
  • You can easily customise the attire and the surroundings. 
  • The graphics seem realistic. 

SimCity BuildIt:

SimCity BuildIt is a kind of game that is a well-known strategic game accessible for both Android and iOS. The game is accompanied by High-Quality graphics, exceptional and magnificent sound quality. Fabricate your high-level city with a numerous variety of construction work. Additionally, ensure your city with your adversary, assemble your Army and assault with your high-level armed force crew; this game is available offline so that you can play this game anywhere. 

Top features:

  • The graphics and the sound quality is reported as excellent. 
  • You can create your city and design it. 
  • You have to make your team and save your town from the enemies. 

Among Us:

Among Us dominated and was on the top of the gaming list in 2022 as the most ideal and isolated hobby, although it was dispatched in 2018. As you and your space traveller mates play with you and cooperate to fix your spaceship, the secret saboteurs work to kill all of you discreetly. Trust nothing and nobody if you want to succeed in this game, whether you utilise typical social control to wipe out your reality or lie to proceed with the secret plan. 

Top features:

  • You can hide in the vent after killing a random person. 
  • You can be the imposter and stay suspicious till the end. 
  • It is possible to vote out somebody if the majority votes for him. 


In Downwell, you plunge randomised stages utilising firearms lashed to your feet. The objective? You need to pull off the slickest runs that are the most conceivable before the death. The actual and most difficult levels are Retro and Monochrome, which is saved for the Red Sprinkles occasion, after which you can win the game. The upward direction in the game truly sells out the sensation of falling off from a height into the well. 

Top features:

  • You move to more significant levels after completing the previous levels. 
  • You can shoot the enemies and hide. 
  • The most exciting thing is that the adventure starts from a well. 

Wrapping up:

Assuming you need to play the games for fun from the best games available, we presented the list of the best Electronic Art games for your Android. Not only can you play these games on Android but also on your Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Xbox, and PS4. We hope that you liked our article. 

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