Fix Your Apple Pencil: Quick Guide to Troubleshoot in Procreate

As an avid Procreate user and artist who relies on the Apple Pencil daily, I’ve encountered my fair share of glitches and problems over the years.

From laggy response times to wonky brush strokes, these annoying issues can slow us down when creating.

Luckily, many common Apple Pencil and Procreate problems can often be easily fixed with a few tried and tested troubleshooting steps.

With the right tips and tricks, you can get your digital Art workflow back up and running smoothly.

Understanding Common Apple Pencil Issues with Procreate

Outline of Typical Problems

Based on reports from users on forums like Reddit as well as my own experience, some of the most frequent Apple Pencil problems with Procreate involve:

  • Laggy/delayed responsiveness while drawing
  • Issues with pressure sensitivity
  • Weird glitches or jumps with brush strokes
  • Procreate not recognizing Apple Pencil input.
  • Apple Pencil disconnecting or not pairing with iPad

Causes Vary

The exact causes vary – from outdated Procreate and iPadOS versions to faulty hardware.

Specific problems also depend on which iPad and Apple Pencil generation you use.

But in most cases, there are fixes you can try yourself before seeking help.

Troubleshooting Steps

Restart Procreate and iPad

Like with any app, restarting Procreate can clear small glitches.

Double-tap the Home button and swipe up on the Procreate preview to fully close it. Then reopen Procreate. Restarting the iPad can also help.

Hold down the power button and slide to power off. Wait 30 seconds, then turn your iPad back on.

Check Apple Pencil Battery and Connection

Ensure your Apple Pencil is charged enough and paired properly with your iPad.

Go to Settings > Bluetooth and check it is connected.

Update Procreate and iPadOS

Using outdated apps and operating system versions can cause Apple Pencil glitches.

Update Procreate to the latest version through the App Store. Go to Settings > General > Software Update to get the newest iPadOS.

Updating provides bug fixes that might resolve your Apple Pencil problems in Procreate.

Reconnect the Apple Pencil

If your Apple Pencil is erratic or not responding, try re-pairing it with your iPad.

  • First, reset the connection.
  • Hold the Apple Pencil near the iPad’s Lightning connector and double-tap the flat portion.
  • Then go to Bluetooth settings to reconnect it.

Follow Apple’s guide at Pair Apple Pencil with your iPad for detailed steps to pair and reconnect properly.

Contact Support Teams

If you still can’t fix Apple Pencil issues in Procreate, contact their support teams via email or social media. The Procreate team is quite responsive on Twitter and Facebook.

You can also contact Apple support online or book a Genius Bar appointment at Apple Stores for help with hardware issues.

Seeking Alternative Solutions

Use a Different Stylus

Many artists use budget-friendly styluses from brands like Adonit and Wacom as alternatives for Procreate.

Professional product reviews on websites like Wirecutter can help compare the best options.

While not perfect substitutes, they can work smoothly for basic Procreate functions.

Update Hardware and Software

Upgrading can improve compatibility and performance with Procreate using older iPad and Apple Pencil models.

Check the Procreate website for recommended hardware requirements. Newer iPad Pros and 5th gen Apple Pencils often reduce issues.

Updating to the latest Procreate and iPadOS versions also helps maximize functionality.

Fixing Specific Problems

Fix Procreate Lag

It is likely a performance issue if your Apple Pencil lines are delayed while drawing in Procreate. Procreate lag commonly stems from large canvas sizes and brush sizes.

Try reducing canvas size and selecting smaller brushes. Also, close other apps and limit layers. Refer to Procreate’s FAQ guide on lag for more tips.

Updating Procreate to the latest optimized versions can also boost responsiveness.

Fix Brush Issues

Weird glitches when drawing lines or applying strokes in Procreate? This usually indicates a brush-related problem.

First, try resetting and reloading the brushes in Procreate’s brush settings.

Many users also recommend replacing Procreate’s default brushes with optimized custom brush packs.

Fixing Drawing Issues

If your Apple Pencil lines suddenly turn wobbly or erratic in Procreate, don’t panic!

This is usually an easy fix for using the Pencil, not a technical glitch.

Here are some simple tips to troubleshoot:

  • Try holding the Pencil at a slightly different angle or closer to the tip. This gives you more control.
  • Use your shoulder to draw, not just your wrist. This helps lines turn out smoother.
  • Take breaks to stretch and relax your hand to avoid cramping. A tired hand leads to shaky lines.
  • Lay your iPad flat on a table rather than holding it. This lets you draw from the elbow for better strokes.
  • Experiment with different Apple Pencil grips and tips. Finding one that fits your style can really help!

Check out online tutorials for expert guidance on mastering the Apple Pencil technique. With a little practice, your lines will be rock-steady.


Troubleshooting Apple Pencil and Procreate issues isn’t too tough when you know the right steps.

Start by updating your software and re-pairing the Pencil connection.

Tweak your canvas size and brushes if needed. And don’t forget to optimize your Apple Pencil grip and drawing technique.

We all face glitches now and then. But hopefully, these friendly tips will get you back to creating awesome Procreate artwork in no time!

Let me know if you need any other troubleshooting assistance.

Apple Pencil and iPad are my go-to tools for professional client work and personal projects.

Troubleshooting Procreate issues over the years has given me lots of helpful experiences to share.


Q: Why does my Pencil lag in Procreate?

Lag is typically caused by large canvas sizes, numerous layers, and big brushes overworking your iPad’s processor. Try reducing these. Updating Procreate and iPadOS can help too.

Q: My Pencil lines look wobbly in Procreate. Help!

Wobbly lines usually mean you need to adjust your grip and mark-making technique. Add a textured screen protector for more control. There are great tutorials online for Apple Pencil tips.

Q: My Pencil won’t pair with my iPad. What should I do?

  • Check the Pencil battery and charge it if needed.
  • Reset the pairing by double-tapping the flat side.
  • Go into Bluetooth settings and re-pair.
  • Update your iPadOS if it’s outdated.

Q: Any shortcut fixes for brush issues in Procreate?

Try resetting Procreate’s brush settings to defaults. Also, experiment with custom Procreate brush packs optimized for the Apple Pencil.