Here’s How To Download Fitbit🧘‍♀️Application For PC in 2023

Fitbit Application For PC: Rush to Install!

Are you in search of something which will support you to stay fit? Is it that you have no time to look after your health due to a busy schedule? If yes, then stop your search because we are here with the ways to download Fitbit app for Windows. Give your few minutes to read this and pave your path to set a proper lifestyle. Here you will find simple ways to install and run the Fitbit application free of cost on your PC. This will track your health, and will ultimately reduce your worries. This application is seeking great demand in the market today. 


Stay Fit: Install this Now!

Nowadays, the growing health issues have created concerns among people. Moreover, the growing fashion industry has also tempted people to maintain a proper body shape. If you are passionate to follow the trend, then you will have to mold your body into a proper shape. Rather than having a proper healthy diet people are paying heed towards maintaining a thin physical outlook. Many take up wrong steps to get quick results. They end up eating something unhealthy or skip meals to lose calories. 


Buying healthy food pieces of stuff like Avocado, Almond milk or exotic vegetables can be costlier. Although instant foods have reduced the time of cooking but have increased the risk factor for health. You look out for street foods to fulfill your cravings. Sometimes situations bind you to eat something unhealthy. Also, you count the ingredients and time needed to prepare a ‘one-time’ meal and you end up ordering something from a restaurant.


So, despite all these, we always forget to maintain a proper and healthy balance to lead life happily. Three important things that define this are exercise, a healthy diet, and a night of good sleep. Today advancement in technology has made everything possible. In the same way, programmers and developers have created this application to take care of our health amid the hustle and bustle. 


Things this application takes care of:

  • Sleep time and workout routine
  • This amazing software also check your heart rate
  • It monitors your daily water intake.
  • This also keeps a track of your body weight.


About Fitbit

  • The actual name of the application is FitBit v3.14
  • This requires a total space of 91.79MB.
  • This software supports Windows 7/8/10 only


Note: only installing the Fitbit application on your PC would not be enough to run it properly. To enjoy all the benefits, read the given steps carefully and act accordingly.


How to Install Fitbit App on Your PC?

This is exactly what you need. Mentioned below are very simple steps in which you can run the software successfully on Windows. Pick one from the two methods provided. Before installing you will have to ensure a good internet connection. Act as we say to reach our destination. 


  • Using Microsoft Store

To follow this method you need only two things. The first is a good network and the second is a web browser. These will make your job easy. 

  1. Firstly you will have to visit the official store of Microsoft
  2. Next, you will have to create an account if you are using it for the first time, or else you can directly sign in with your existing account.
  3. After a successful login search “Fitbit”. Then click on “Install” to accelerate the process.
  4. It would take a few minutes to get completely installed


You will be notified of the time it would take. Now enjoy using the Fitbit application on your Windows. 

Note: This software can only be accessed by the users of Windows 10 through this method 


  1. Using NoxPlayer

This method involves the installation of two software. To download the FitBit application you should have the software named NoxPlayer on your PC along with a good internet connection

  1. Firstly, head to the Webpage of the NoxPlayer and install it from its official website. Next download this software on your Windows PC.
  2. Before being directed to the next page you will have to login into your account.
  3. Reach out for the Google PlayStore and search Fitbit through the search bar. 
  4. Then choose the appropriate one and download it. It would take a few minutes to install. The process is similar to that of an Android phone. How you are all set to use a help tracker to build up your routine.  


Why should you install Fitbit?

This software has gained popularity to use extent as it monitors day-to-day activities and it keeps a track of your schedule. This will note down your improvements and your fitness condition from the day you begin. Here you shall be familiar with all the benefits that you would enjoy after installing FitBit. 


  • Mobile Track: With the help of the inbuilt application named MobileTrack this can count or record your footsteps and the distance you walk. This will also provide you with complete statistics of the calories you burn and your activity time. 
  • MobileRun: This is one of the tools which counts the distance you run and also keeps a track of your speed. 
  • PurePulse: This tool can be used to determine your heart rate and can also manage the amount of stress. This will review the time you take to calm down after a workout and analyze your fitness.
  • Log Food: You are provided with a barcode scanner to log down the calories burnt. You can create a diet chart and get insights and tips. This will keep you hydrated during workouts as your water intake is strictly determined.
  • Sleep Tracker: Monitors your sleep or restlessness. Also, determine your work time out of 24 hours. 
  • Invite and compete: Share your data with other Fitbit users and compete with your friends. You can directly message them to outshine your improvements.


So Fitbit is a gift from programmers to those who love maintaining their health. Now Download Fitbit to make it your assistance for free of cost. Give your complete attention and concentrate on your work as all your worries regarding your health would be handled by FitBit. 


You can also join the Fitbit community where you can share ideas, thoughts, insights, solutions to your problems, and many more. This community shall boost up your energy and will always keep you motivated. If this has helped you install the application then like and share the same.