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Have you been on the lookout for a quick way to download the Asana app on your mac, free of cost? Worry not, for you are at the right place, where we shall guide you in a series of quick and simple steps to get this work managing app for your team to become the star achiever of the organization with its various helpful features, absolutely free on your mac, and in no time whatsoever! So let’s get started without further ado!


  1. Size – 18 MB
  2. Latest Update – 17 September 2022
  3. Android Requirement – 7.1 and above
  4. Already installed by over 1 Million people!


A very efficient online work manager which can function right from your pocket sized smartphone, Asana clears the what, why and how objectives of teams when they are on an assignment – no matter small or big. With its numerous features it fosters productivity and growth for a group of collaborators. It helps prioritize, arrange, track and predict feasibility of various projects onboard, thereby helping teams and collaborators to become more efficient and produce more and better results for organizations! Few of the app’s features are: –

  1. Online and Offline usage
    The app works in both online and offline formats and hence, it is convenient to use even in areas where the data connection is not functioning optimally.

  2. Coordination Systems
    The app provides three systems to help in coordinating work – Kanban Board (visual based), list (text based) and calendar view (time based) which affect the style and speed of work accordingly and hence lead to more customized and efficient results!

  3. Efficient tracking facility
    The tracking system is a great facility of the app which allows tracking of operations and tasks according to their feasibility and work status, to prevent letting anything come to a standstill.

  4. Efficient notification system
    The app notifies instantaneously the very moment an operation is completed, or if it has been left overdue, or if it has been shelved, or if its feasibility has reduced for any reason.

  5. No loss of data
    Data gets AutoSaved in the offline mode of the app in case the internet crashes in between, hence, no fear of losing any data.

  6. Automatic conversion systems
    By conversion here it is meant that the tasks as written on white boards or on bulletins, charts or graphs can be easily converted to operations. It happens automated in the app.



Now that you know what a useful app ASANA can prove to be in terms of its cutting edge work management measures and its fairly convenient user interface, it is time we learn how to get it on our mac OS; absolutely free of cost. 

Firstly, you have to get an emulator, which is a software that will help you get not just IPOLIS but many other apps and softwares typically designed for systems other than mac.

The most popular and recommended Emulator is BlueStacks, so it is the only which shall be used in this demonstration. It is absolutely quick, free and safe to download as well. 

Download Bluestacks which can be easily found on its official website www.bluestacks.com. Once the setup file is downloaded, launch it to install the emulator on your Mac.

Once installed on your Mac, open it which will lead you to the homepage, where you have to select the “Play Store” icon by double-clicking it.

Play Store has a built-in searching system like many other apps, which you can use to search for “ASANA” and find it just like you would find it in the android version of play store. 

Click the icon of ASANA INC’s ASANA which will lead you to the page listing its rating, specifications, reviews and of course the download button.

Click the designated button for downloading it and let it download on your mac. This process would take maybe a few minutes.  

It is possible to run the IPOLIS app from the inside of the Bluestacks emulator itself. Hence, no need to minimize or close the bluestacks window once the download is complete, ASANA can function from there itself.

Run the program and build your security surveillance measures with this cutting edge and convenient app right from your home!



Below are some of the questions frequently enquired by users who want to understand the know-how and technical aspects of the app. The answers are mentioned alongside them.

  • Is Asana effective for work from home jobs?
  1. Asana is perfect for work from home jobs because through its online interface the project managers and project workers can interact easily even with the physical distance between them!

  • I have workers for whom English isn’t the first language. Does Asana have any provision for its German users?
  1. Indeed. Asana is available in 11 languages, including not just German but Chinese, Italian and Swedish among many others. 

Plan, work and grow exponentially with Asana!

Asana’s utilities are not just technical but they also help psychologically balance the users and help them in decision-making during their projects. It is a must have on your mac OS!


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