✅10 Best Harry Potter PC Games – Virtual Reality for Potter’s heads

Wingardium Leviosa! McGonagall as said in the fictitious world of The Harry Potter series

I always wanted to use this spell” Well I too always want to use it but in this real world we cannot use this levitation charm, But your dream of flying is always possible In a world of virtual reality.

Well, you might be a Potterhead if you have come to read this article or you might be an obsessive gamer. In Fact, I guess you are both

Well well, who am I kidding? In a world full of billions of people millions of them are fans of The Harry Potter.  So go ahead and categorise yourself as your preference.


  • You claim to be a pureblood as you have both read its books and binged watched the movies.
  • You are a bibliophile categorised as a Halfblood person who has just read the books.
  • What about a muggle-born who have binge-watched just the movies.
  • You may be a Grangerhead as that’s where you gamers belong using tactics to play and doing everything to win As Hermoine would have been.
  • Well well, I am not gonna talk about who hasn’t watched it at all Or read the books because they don’t deserve to be talked about they are none of our category and well who are they???


Grangerhead cheers! I am just gonna tell you what are some best games that will take you to the wonderland wizarding world of potters.


Hogwarts Legacy –

It is an open-world Harry Potter game upcoming on PS5, Xbox series and PC. The choice is yours you want to be a wizard or a baboon brandishing a stick. This game will let you live exactly in a Potter world. A single-player living a world of fantasy of the 1800s. Well, this game will be launched soon. The team is already sorry for the delay. Yes, it’s a Role-playing game. Choose whether you want to be a Draco or Harry, Hermione or Ron, Nevile Longbottom. Well, it would all be decided by your wit in the game because this is a very different one from the characters. Your player has to fight creatures like Voldemort to win. So let us all wait for this Pandemic to go away so that we all can play this game.

Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4

It was thrilling to read about the fights happening with Dudley and his crew bullying Harry Potter but actually, he was the hero of the show. Dudley’s crew was stupid but he was the stupidest of all and was considered as the leader because of his size. But well Harry Potter was boss but all that he never knew until he fought against Voldemort. So this game is all about the beginning times of his life at Hogwarts. This game is all about the good and the evil. In this game, all you have to do is collect the legos and then reveal the secrets and new characters out.

With your wand try speaking out Expelliarmus and Alohomora to unlock the doors of the next level. Be like Hermoine, a sharp wit player making her every step very carefully using tactics and spell accordingly. And alas in the game With each passing level All was well.

Explore your inner wizard by building and conjuring this multifaceted Lego world. You will have to solve the puzzles by casting spells. Start your game at Diagon Alley and don’t forget to stop at Ollivander’s to buy yourself a wand that selects you.

Lego Harry Potter years 5-7

Based on the game mentioned above just the thing that changed is the theme is based on the last 3 books of JK Rowling of the Harry Potter series. Levels like when you fight with the dementors or uniting to fight with Umbridge or the mad eye moody in the order of the phoenix. Or to destroy the Horcruxes in the Deathly hallows.  The whole game depicts these scenes and lets you collect coins and use spells in order to win and a new level comes with other creatures. The main characters are there in this game. Play it and you would love it I am damn sure.

From the YouTube

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

This game is both for pc and mobile. It is also a role-playing Video game. In this game, you can reveal the magic around you, oops only in the wizarding world. When all the wizards in the movie book or this game unite then no one can defeat them. Just like the whole Harry Potter actually Team Dumbledore United and did everything to remove Dolores Umbridge as the headmistress and bring back Dumbledore, In Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix.

In this game, a natural calamity like magic has befallen Hogwarts and your player has to help the ministry of magic. It comprises all the magical creatures and wizards of Harry Potter including hippogriffs, Nifflers, etc.

Multiplayer game in which you can unite against death eaters, Acromantulas, and many more.  Catch a bus to Hogwarts and play with your friends.

Hogwarts Mystery

In this game, you can choose your own Adventure. Waiting for your letter. I hope you don’t have a family like Dursley’s who would travel anywhere in the woods but won’t give you your letter. But well Hagrid came to save Harry Potter so will he come to save you and give you your letter. Then once you reach Hogwarts the biggest mystery is which house will you be allotted in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry. Well, the sorting hat would come into play and decide for you.

  Well, you can be like Harry that questions may explode inside your head like fireworks. But every mystery would be sorted. Hagrid couldn’t tell the mystery of Potter’s ( father and mother ) to Harry at first but then he solved the biggest mystery. Then in the end episode, Harry is related to Voldemort, the biggest mystery of the whole series. You can learn to brew powerful potions with Snape. All you have to do is solve the mystery in order to play ahead. I hope you will enjoy the game.

From the mobile games of this version on the phone.

Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the wizarding world.


In this game, the player controls the beast division and there’s a new recruit. Based on the book of Jk Rowling another movie and a game have launched named the Fantastic Beasts. The visiting places are as usual the famous Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, and The leaky cauldron. You have to find out the hidden treasures and objects and analyse the potions and you can cast spells like  Avada kedavra which can bring instant death to the creatures.

There are games based on the events and the names of the title of the movie or book itself let’s have a look on those.

Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone.

The Goblins at Gringotts were given the responsibility to keep the Sorcerer’s stone safe from Voldemort. It is an action and puzzle game played in the perspective of third person.

In this you have to rescue Hagrid’s Dragon Norbert. You will have to play levels like to play Quidditch and to fly a Nimbus 2000. You have to use spells like Lumos to appear light on platforms to appear. Fighting with Draco Malfoy.  You have to collect different colors of beans in exchange for something valuable. Collecting yellow, blue beans in exchange for Nimbus 2000 and wizards cards and witches respectively. And the dungeons include green beans for Quidditch Armour.  Red beans for Flipendo Duo spell. In the diagon Alley you will have to find potions to cure Nobert. Gringotts challenges giving out the cards in order to collect beans. The main plot to overcome Voldemort hidden in professor Quirrell.



As we have come upon the Quidditch match


You know there are four different houses in Harry Potter and the motto of each house is given below.


  • “You belong to the Gryffindor,

Where the bravery dwells at heart

daring, nerve and chivalrous

Set them apart”


  • “Or you lie in Slytherin

Where you can make real friends,

cunning folks  use whatever means

To win their ends.”


  • “Its Hufflepuff, where you belong

They are good and loyal,

Also patient and true

And are not scared of all the toil;”


  • “in wise old Ravenclaw, you lie

With a ready mind,

All those of wit and learning,

Will always search for their kind;”



Harry Potter : Quidditch World Cup

The four houses compete among themselves to win the world cup as in the Prisoner of Azkaban. Let me brief you about the game. There are 7 players in each team.

Well in the video game there are 6 house challenges like Passing, Tackling  and Shooting, Seeker, Beaters and Bludgers, Special Moves, and Combos. You get to choose your broom stick be it Nimbus 2000, Comet 260 , Firebolt   depending on the level you chose. You would be playing a wizard sport that too in the air. isn’t it amazing? In the muggle world it’s soccer played on the ground.

There are four balls and some rules.

There are Three chasers, one seeker and one keeper and Two beaters.

The chasers have to throw the Quaffle into one of the opponents hoops and dodge their players while doing so.

The beaters have to throw the budgers at each other. The keeper defends the hoops and the seeker goes after the golden snitch for which catching it would ultimately decide the players team as the winners if they have more score than the opponents. You can play this game and have fun on your computer or laptop.



Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets

The game play is according to the story line of the second book as the name suggests. Travelling in the forbidden forest, gathering all the potions ingredients that Hermione made. Each new spell you cast will bring a challenge.

Harry tries to save Ginny by going into the chamber and fighting Tom Riddle, the younger version of Voldemort.


Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban


Sirius Black  has escaped from the prison of Azkaban and can attack Hogwarts. The game commences with your player being at Hogwarts express. You would have to defend against dementors and for that you will have to use a very dark spell Expecto Patronum.  Remus Lupin would catch Sirius Black and would prove him not guilty. Enjoy it with your friends.

Harry Potter And the goblet of fire


This game is different from others there levels are different as it starts from quidditch level to the prefects bathroom and Herbology greenhouses and all you have to do is pass the levels and have to capture the moving beans using accicio and collectors,  creatures and cards of characters to increase their power. Unlock many levels by gathering enough Triwizard shields. This game is more into action than puzzles and riddles and all.


Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix


This video game involves places like the Ministry of Magic, Grimmauld Place and Little whinging. There’s a new sandbox style and the game is played in the duels like Sirius Black and Dumbledore. You have to earn discovery points by the spells. You have to play minigames and Complete missions like recruiting Dumbledore’s Army in order to win against Umbridge.



Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince


This game includes the Marauder’s map and is a multiple player game with the characters as Harry, Ron and Ginny. Ron has to follow Harry for the love potion in order to pass the level and then Ginny has to fall in for Harry in the Quidditch. You have to collect all the 150 shields in this game found in the whole Hogwarts. Find time to play this amazing game.


Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows part 1 & 2


As the plot of the movie or the book this game is a little different from the others in this game you have to go on a stealth mission in which you can not get caught otherwise the meter will go red and then you have to stay still. They can attack you in your invisibility cloak if you are found near them. You have to collect the magical items and the potions.


The bottom line is that we all are in love with the idea of JK Rowling’s best book that has been sold: The Harry Potter series. People are mad to buy the books and some even repeat the movies several times. And some like you play games continuously. So here are some top games. Tell us in the comment section which game you liked the most. And if you have any query feel free to ping us.

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