✅20 Best Games🎢 in 1MB that won’t take much space!

Best Games in 1MB : Who doesn’t like to play games? Not everyone is a gamer but almost every second person in this world loves to play. Games are our source of refreshments. Stressed with life, work, relationships, we can always refresh our mind by playing games. I understand that you cannot go outdoors as this pandemic is overwhelming all over again. Or if you can go outdoor you need others to play games with. Too much struggle in both.

 Nowadays everyone has got a smartphone, if not smart than atleast a keypad phone which too has got games in it. But everyone loves to have a variety of food on their plates, so same goes with games. I have seen people whose phone is filled with games and multimedia. The question is, do you like to eat a particular dish or are you a foodie? You say you are a foodie but you cannot keep more games on your phone due to the space issues in your mobile phone. Well! Some apps take up very little memory. But I understand that drop by drop the bucket will be filled. But here I will enlist some apps which are 1MB or <1MB. 

Vanilla or chocolate – Chose your genre based on your taste!

Everyone has got different taste, so their interest in genres may differ respectively. Don’t worry I would be classifying genres and based on them you can select games of your choice. 

  • Action Games – 
  • Simulators
  • Intellectual games 
  • Sports games
  • Action-adventure games
  • Battle Royale games 
  • Racing games 
  • Arcade games 
  • Card games 

Although games like royale battle take up space. But, your time is precious so without wasting much, let me move on to the main topic Games under 1MB.

Best games in 1MB

Best Games in 1MB

  • Chess for Android (762kb) – 

    This game comes in the genre of Intellectual games. Looking for the second player to play chess with, but maybe he is not as intellectual as yours and needs to learn more tactics to download this app. It is a replica of the board game. The only difference is they give recommendations of the playable move. Increase your intellectual with chess. 


  • Fishy Fish(373kb)

This game comes in the category of Arcade. It is a shooting game without any guns. It is the best game one can have as it does not contain any ads. It is a fun game to catch the fishes. Just beware of the Piranas (the bluefish in the image) if you tap on it the game will get over. Score more by catching more fishes. But be careful as each fish that goes down reduces your life. 


  • Battle tanks (814kb) –

This game comes under both Arcade and action genre. In this game, you will see two or more tanks fighting. You have to tilt your phone in the direction to move your tank and a tap will shoot a bullet to kill the others tanks. The other instructions will be guided on screen while playing. I hope you don’t get addicted, have fun! 


  • Handy Uno Count (583Kb) 

Do you know about UNO? It is a card game played with multiple players. In the category of card game, it is an easy and simple score keeper game. You have to select players and it even has the game history. The one who scores the maximum points faster wins the game. It is meant for entertainment purpose. 


  • Another Bomber (424Kb)- 

In the genre of arcade and action, we have another game for you. Shooting the terrorist. Well! In the real world, we cannot catch the terrorists but when they do some nuisance we feel like killing them. Don’t worry take your anger out here. We have got an alternative. In this game, you have got an aeroplane where so many bombs are stored. All you have to do is bomb the terrorists and score high. The buildings and trucks and many more. Play the game to know more. 


  • Fur-Guardians (699Kb)- 

In the genre of adventure and action, there is a very entertaining game Fur-Guardians. 

The player has to dodge the obstacles and collect the pink gems to score more. And then upgrade your character. Dodge the animals and collect the alphabets. With the controls move forward and jump. 


  • 2048 lite (1MB) 

Have you ever considered maths fun? Well if you haven’t then let me introduce you to an app named 2048. This is an app to sharpen your mind. This will help you to learn multiplication of 2 and addition. From 2 to 2048 You just have to add an identical no. To double them for example 2+2 = 4 then 4+4=8 and so on up to 2048. 


  • City block (1.4 MB) – 

Ever thought of helping the whole world. This pandemic has shaken the world and has this thought ever occurred in your mind that you wanna save this world may be your city. Well, sometimes thoughts of doing something are just caged in the bars. But this app is a simulation of it. It is a 3D city game in which a boy changes the role. He is saving the city by completing the missions. And changing the profession from police officer to riding a taxi and take your riders to their respective places. Explore the game by playing it.


  • The Archers 3 – Bird Slaughter

    (1MB games) 

An app in the category of shooting arcade. They say, “Do what you love!”. But this doesn’t mean if you love to hunt, you will slaughter the animals or birds. There is always an alternative to everything. This game is to slaughter the birds virtually by showing your archery skills in this game. There are challenges in the game with each passing level. Bring out the hidden Arjuna in you. 



  •  Football Black Mini


You love to play football but in this lockdown, you are stuck at home. No worries! Don’t let the lockdown take away your passion. I understand that you don’t have much space in your house, so with this app you can play football and know the tactics. Swipe or tap to shoot. All you have to do is the goal. It has got good sound effects too. Loved this game? 

I would suggest, you play it. 


  • Fire Helicopter

    by psym Mobile (375 Kb) 

Everyone wants to be a pilot or fly a helicopter. But not everyone gets to do what they want. Don’t worry, we have an app for you that will let you fly the helicopter and save the forest from the fires. There are three different levels for beginners intermediates and advanced. 

You have to add spill the water by tapping on the bottom left icon and then the next level will occur. Save the forest on fire.


  • Tic Tac toe

Our all-time favourite Tic Tac Toe is available in less space and you won’t download it. 

Getting bored? 

Play tic tac toe and have fun. 

Intellectually play tactically with your opponent and refresh yourself from the stressful life. Also known as, Noughts and crosses or X and Os.


  • Trap ball


Do you have the habit of overthinking? Are you looking for a game that will kill time and distract your mind in lesser space? 

In the genre of puzzle games, as the name suggests, this game is to trap the ball. After covering the goal area, next level will come. 

It is a fun app to kill your time, so that you won’t overthink and become anxious.


  • Gravity Defied Pro

    (358 Kb)

Ever wondered to go into space and live gravity-free? No fear of falling, everywhere there is just space. Well, we cannot fulfil all your dreams but we can help you experience them with the help of games that we suggest. 

So this app doesn’t care about gravity. It is a racing game in which the biker has to reach the finishing point without crashing. Ride your bike without gravity and have fun 


  • Torpedo Attack 3D

    (1.5 MB) 


It comes in the category of Arcade and shooting games. 


Wanna shoot a missile? Well in reality you cannot, but in your phone, you can! In this game, you have to shoot the ships with the help of a Torpedo. 



  •  1MB(765Kb)

Look at the name, it will obviously take lesser space. So what happened, did your crush said no to you? And, your love could not phrase the path? You can rephrase it virtually though, maybe it impresses your crush! This app is a dramatic love story in which the boy creates its own path to reach his love. For more, play the game which is just available in 1MB. 

  •  The LUDO (0.94 MB) 

Other than Dalgona coffee what had passed our time in the lockdown? None other than ludo, be it with friends family or alone. Well, it is a max 4 player board game that can be played on the phone. Well, many people might think it has become outdated now but for those who think old is gold, this app is for them. So, stimulate your childhood memory with this game. 


  •  Draw15 (154Kb )

Do you love to draw? Do you like to travel but cannot port your canvas everywhere? But you don’t like to fill your phone’s memory as well!  So you can do that on your phone as well. After you draw your art with the help of pixels and when you reach home, draw the same on your canvas. It is a fun-loving drawing app.   


  •  Sand! (137 Kb) 

I see you didn’t like the above app because of not much variety. But, no issues as you can use this app. It will help you to play with the sand and make your drawings easily. 

It can help you to add more colours.


  •  Escape: the room 

If you are stuck in a room and the key is missing, I know you are murmuring the same Bollywood song reading this. Well, I hope it doesn’t happen to you in real as well as the virtual world of this game. In this app, you have to find ways to escape the  room to reach the next level. Best of luck if you are stuck!!! 


 A logophilia never leaves the opportunity of playing games even if he has a phone with less space. So here are some games taking the least storage of your memory.

I hope this article helped you. So, which the best fun game is to play, tell us in the comment section. Don’t let the inner child in you die. Keep playing and entertaining yourself. Signing off for now! Have a good day! 


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